Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Friendships Continue: The Next Generation

I first met Anali and Kristen when I started at university. Anali was in my year and Kristen was a couple of years younger. They lived in a small town about fifteen minutes away from my residence and I still remember being invited there for a sleepover during Reading Week. Over the years I got to know Anali, Kristen and the rest of their family quite well. Kristen and I traveled to New York City together and I went to visit Anali in Washington, DC and Boston. So I have known these two women for over twenty years.

And last week Kristen had a baby. Kristen is a single mother by choice and her daughter Julia is adorable! Since Anali and her son, Stefan, are visiting this week from Missouri, I went over to their parents' house yesterday to visit. Stefan and Sam played together for over two hours and us women (and Julia and Rachel visited).

I even got to hold Julia for a bit. As you can tell from the picture below I couldn't stop gazing at her. And thankfully Rachel was not at all jealous and brought a bear over for Julia to have. I was thrilled that Rachel was so sweet to her and not grabbing at Julia's face or freaking out because I was holding her!

And before we left we got a picture of the three of us together with our four children. Wow! I can't wait to have many more good visits with these amazing sisters and good friends. And it's hard to believe that in a couple of years Rachel and Julia will also be off playing together while Kristen, Anali and I catch up!


  1. Awww, that baby is just too cute! Tell your friend I said congratulations! Oh and you know what they say when babies don't mind their mommies holding other babies and start acting more independent...they are ready to welcome another little one into the house! Haha! Just kidding...I couldn't resist! :-)

  2. Such wonderful memories you all are making! I got to hold a three week old baby today at my family's house. So cute!
    Someone asked how the baby was doing, and I replied that he was fine as long as he was being held. They all laughed and said that he was doing just fine, and that I just wanted to keep holding him. he, he : )

    1. Julia was pretty happy with me too! Holding newborn babies always makes me incredulous that my kids were ever that small!


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