Sunday, November 04, 2012

Day In The Life-Sunday

Sadly, due to the time change Rachel woke up at 5:40am today. Boo :( I hung out with her, trying to get both of us to sleep in Sam's bed until Dave took pity on me at 6:30. (Oh yeah, I should mention Sam came into our bed at 3:30am because he was having a bad dream, which is why his bed was empty.) I crawled back into our bed, Sam woke up at 7 with another bad dream and then we both fell asleep until around 8:15 when Dave woke us up to get ready for church.

I ate and got Sam dressed and then me dressed and we were off to church by 9:15. It was a crazy morning so I didn't get any pictures of the kids before church. I also didn't take any pictures at church because I was teaching my Grade 6 Sunday School class and then talking with one of the parents. It was parent-child dedication during the service. It is always neat to welcome new babies and dedicate ourselves as a church community to supporting them and their families. (I took these pictures of our church a few weeks ago so here's the building. I know, so exciting!)

After the worship service a few of us did some more talking about Sunday School and then Tim, Janice, Tessa and Willem came to our house for a pizza and salad lunch, around 1:00. We've been trying to do this somewhat regularly (once a month maybe!) after church and it gives us good time to connect. I love watching Tessa and Willem play with Sam and Rachel. Sam was very excited about playing with Willem today and Tessa put Rachel down for her nap. (The picture below was taken by Willem on Sam's camera. I just wasn't good at taking pictures today!)
After the Hedricks left around 3:00, I put Sam down for nap and read for a bit. Then I decided that I really needed a short nap so I fell asleep around 4:45 as Dave was making tuna noodle casserole for supper. I slept until 5:30 when we woke up Sam and Rachel and Skyped with Twiebe in Edmonton. Both of the kids were in a bit of state so it wasn't the best Skype call. Sorry Tash :(

We ate supper around 6:30 and then I played more Angry Birds. I actually won the level I had been stuck on for a few days and discovered I had finished the game so there was much rejoicing and high fives from Sam and Rachel!
Around 7:30 we realized it was the perfect time to hang our wedding pictures. During Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Home series this summer I realized many people had framed wedding pictures in their bedrooms and Dave and I only have a few of our pictures out downstairs. So we've been working on buying frames (on sale of course!) and then we chose three pictures and got them blown up to 8x10s. And we finally got them hung up tonight! Yay! I'm very pleased with how they look.
Sam enjoyed hanging out on our bed and playing with the hammer.
Dave gave Rachel a bath, Sam and I played a bit of Angry Birds downstairs (trying to get three stars on each level) and then I put Rachel to bed around 8:30. Sam watched a video while I read through some newspapers and then I put Sam to bed. I uploaded photos from Sam's camera and looked through the pictures, some of which are quite funny and I may have to do a post from Sam's perspective at some point.

And now I've written this blog post and I'm heading off to bed. I'm quite tired whether due to the time change or Sam's middle of the night and Rachel's early morning wakeups. Sorry I don't have a lot of pictures from today, I'll try to do better tomorrow!

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  1. Sweet day! From what I can see of the wedding pictures, I love them! I really need to give our bedroom some more love. ;-)


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