Friday, November 09, 2012

Day In The Life-Wednesday

Note: Yes, this is actually Friday. I got sick on Tuesday night and managed to have a somewhat normal day on Wednesday but I was really tired by the end of it so I went to bed, intending to blog on Thursday morning. And then I got a massive ear infection and felt horrible all day Thursday so didn't blog at all. Dave even stayed home because I felt so awful. Then this morning my parents arrived for a week visit from Saskatchewan (via Newfoundland) and so we've been hanging out all day. So now it's 11:00pm on Friday night and I'm blogging about Wednesday. Such is life. (And Day In The Week-Thursday will happen next Thursday (I hope!)). And for the next week you will read about hanging out with my parents and all the fun and exciting things we get up to.

I woke up at 9:00 with an earache and a cold starting. To be fair, I'd been dozing off and on since 7ish when Dave's alarm went off. Sam woke up at 9:10 and I got him breakfast and checked computer stuff -- mainly reading about the US election results. I answered the door for two people trying to convert me to their religion. And yes, I was still in my pjs and not showered. Since I want to keep it real, I'm posting the picture I let Sam take of me looking my morning best! (Yes, this is how I answered the door and if you want to come by in the morning just be prepared!)
Rachel woke up at 9:40 and I fed her breakfast. Around 10:10 I made myself a pot of tea and did the dishes. I also changed Sam's poopy diaper and dealt with e-mails off and on. Dishes were finally done by around 11:15. I was moving slower this morning because of not feeling well. Yuck. I shared a muffin with Rachel as my breakfast, got myself dressed and my and Dave's bedding. I'd intended to change Sam's bedding but didn't get it done. I put the flannel bedding on our bed because it's been so cold here. Yay for flannel bedding!
At 12:00 I fed Sam and Rachel lunch; got them dressed (we're lazy here in the mornings we don't have to go anywhere) and got us all out the door. Around 12:40 I dropped off a donation at the local thrift store and got Sam to preschool. We were home by 1:10 and I put Rachel down for nap and got to take a shower (finally!!!). (I put a bandana on to take Sam to preschool so I wasn't looking as awesome as I was in the morning picture but I wasn't looking my best either! Ha ha ha!)

By 1:45 I was eating lunch of squash soup and hummus and sesame rice crackers and doing a load of laundry. I wrote yesterday's (Tuesday's) blog post, drank tea and read a book which was due at the library the next day. At 3:00 I woke up Rachel and picked up Sam from preschool. We ran some errands. Sam refused to say thank you for the free grocery store cookie so I took it away from him which resulted in him crying. We walked to Starbucks and he cried all the way there and back, about twenty minutes of walking round trip. I took pictures of Sam crying, even though his crying bothered me. (And obviously it was (mostly) fake "I'm mad because I'm not getting my way" crying and not "I'm really hurt and completely losing it" crying. I never take pictures of my kids when their crying is serious -- I'm too busy dealing with them. But when they are crying about ridiculous situations (cue Rachel not getting another muffin) I take pictures.) I find now, situations like this become things to share on the blog because others can relate rather than something to lose my mind over so thank you blogging world! And everyone who ever spends any time around kids goes through these things too, right? Rachel joined in on the crying which was awesome! I'm sure everyone around me thought I was the best parent ever.
By 4:15 we were home and Sam watched a video and ate his sandwich from lunch. I read some more and Rachel played. At 5:00 I was cooking supper with Sam. He stirred and I chopped. It's moment like this which make the crying moments worth it! (And possibly pictures like the one below! Ha ha ha!)
At 5:30 I headed out for an evening with my friend Kristen and her soon to be born baby, Wee Bean! We went to Bread Heads, a local wood fired oven place, and had awesome pizza. I had a carmelized onion, mushroom and fresh basil pizza. Oh yum!
After supper we went back to Kristen's place and talked and drank tea. I can't wait to meet Wee Bean. However, I could have done without the blood splattered in the elevator and along part of the wall on Kristen's floor of the building-ew gross :( I didn't take a picture of the blood to share with you -- you're welcome :)

I got home at 9:15 and dealt with a freaking out Sam and a stressed out husband. I also found the following on my computer. It's the third book in a series by an author I really enjoy!
By 9:45 I was drinking tea with Dave and then I went to bed because I was too tired to blog. And you all know what happened on Thursday...


  1. Aw, I hate that you've been so sick! That sucks. I am also a huuuuuge fan of flannel sheets. We haven't put ours on yet, but I imagine they'll be coming soon!!

  2. Whew, I have been so exhausted this week and am finally catching up on reading these! It has just been a crazy week of work and school and all. I am so excited to be off work on Monday so I can sleep in a little. Ha! Like that'll happen! I am so jealous that you guys stay in your pajamas until lunch time. I know that would be me if I could stay home with the was me when I did actually. Oh yes, I know all about the whiny crying because I can't get my way. And yes, Evan usually gets Brody started too. It is just comical sometimes!


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