Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day In The Life -- Thursday

Yes, Day In The Life is back for one last day as last Thursday I was sick with an ear infection, Dave stayed home, and I napped in the afternoon. That was NOT a typical Thursday, but hopefully this one will be. (I'm starting to write this post at 8am so I don't know yet how the day will ACTUALLY turn out!).

I have a goal (not always successful) of working out early in the morning one day a week. I try to do it on Thursdays and this morning it happened!!! Whoo me!!! I woke up at 5:40, ate a yogurt, got ready to go and was doing my bike warm-up and weight circuit at the gym by 6:05. At around 6:30 I got on the cross-trainer. I set it for "weight loss" and it gave me 28 minutes of loveliness to do. At the halfway point I tried to pause the program to get a drink of water, but it reset to the beginning. So I did the first half twice. sigh.

I got home around 7:15, hopped in the shower, and made myself breakfast -- a cinnamon raisin bagel and Turkish Tea, which my parents actually brought me from Turkey a couple of years ago. It's probably losing its potency which is why I'm trying to drink it now.
I then planned what I was doing at LOGOS tonight. This is a mid-week program at our church for Grades 1-12. The kids participate in four sessions -- Bible Time, Worship Skills, Rec and Play and Family Time which is the meal. I teach three Grade 4&5 girls Bible Time. This session has been focused on learning about how, and why, we worship which I love to talk about so it has been a great time for me. Sam and Rachel go to the nursery, Dave sets up for the meal and then we all eat together. This week we will be learning about the Christian calendar.

At 8:30, Sam woke up. I did some business on the computer (renewed library books, checked bank accounts, etc) and then Nathan arrived around 9am. I babysit Nathan one day a week. Sam watched a Mighty Machines episode and Rachel woke up around 9:15. I fed Rachel breakfast and put Nathan down for nap around 9:40.
Sam continued eating breakfast and watching Mighty Machines, Rachel played (and ate Cheerios off the floor), Nathan slept and I started catching up on my backlog of Canadian Mennonite, my church magazine. I am currently reading the issue from January 2012 and it comes out every two weeks. As you can imagine I have A LOT of reading to do.
At 10:55 Nathan woke up, Sam and Rachel were playing and I did dishes.
By 11:20 dishes were done, the kids were playing (mostly!) happily and I read some more Canadian Mennonites. (Remember when I was writing about my life about a week ago and sorting pictures to print was my big project? Well I finished that one and now this reading is my next big thing to do.) I also read through the weekly flyers looking for deals.
At noon I decided to do a quick tidy of the house, and Sam helped, to a certain extent. Then it was time for lunch. Trying to get lunch for three kids, two of whom can't really feed themselves is a bit of a challenge. Rachel, Nathan and I all had cheese strata and a leek/turnip/potato pureed soup. Rachel ate a ton of the soup (even getting some of mine after she screamed for it) and Nathan didn't eat a lot of anything! Sam had summer sausage and a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

At 1pm, I put Rachel down for nap. As you can tell she was really tired.
Then I put Nathan and Sam down for nap and quiet time respectively.
By 1:20 I was doing some more reading, eating a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin and enjoying some lemon fizzy water. I've been using our SodaStream a lot lately and I'm lovin' it!
Nathan woke up at 2:45 and Sam came out of his room from quiet time. Rachel woke up too. I looked for hats for funny hat night at LOGOS and made some Coke with the SodaStream. Then I wrote part of the blog post for tomorrow. (Hint: It's about Rachel!) At 4:20 Sam was playing with the recycling, Nathan was just playing and Rachel was in time out for pulling all the wipes out of Nathan's wipes package in his diaper bag. sigh. The time from 4:20-4:55 when Karen picked up Nathan is a bit of a blur. I changed my clothes, got the kids dressed, and dealt with a temper tantrum from Sam.

At 4:57 we were in the car heading for LOGOS. I taught my girls Bible Time (all about the Christian church calendar) and then we had Family Time. I ducked out early to go meet Julia, my friend Kristen's new baby, who was born on Monday. Kristen is a single parent by choice and I am so excited with her. I hope I can be a good support to her in the days, months and years to come. We talked for about an hour and then I rushed back to church to pick up Dave and the kids.
After I picked them up we headed home after making a very quick stop at the library. Sam watched a video (and now Dave is putting him to bed), between the two of us we got Rachel to bed and then I ate a huge bowl of leftover salad from LOGOS. I'm always hungry on LOGOS nights.
And now I am super-tired, likely since I've been up for sixteen hours, and I'm going to bed. Good night.


  1. There are so many things I love about your days: you eat the yummiest sounding food, you are always a good friend, you stay so busy and are so happy, you are so "self-disciplined" about goals you set for yourself, your love for your kids always shines through even when you post honestly about a rough day they've had, etc. etc. I keep reading about Mighty Machines and mean to check it out for Evan and keep forgetting. Ugh! My brain is mush because of a full load of work/school. I hate it! I just keep telling myself only one more semester to go! :-(

  2. I wouldn't mind learning more about "why we worship" too. :-)


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