Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oma and Opa's Visit, Thus Far

My parents have been here for a visit since Friday. They came from Newfoundland where they had been visiting friends. That afternoon was gorgeous so I wanted to get my bulbs planted. Mom, Dad, Rachel and Sam all came out too and we got the bulbs planted, the leaves all raked and some ajuga transplanted from the grass to the boulevard. Plus Dad helped store the BBQ for winter and we cleaned up the porch and moved some things inside. Now our yard is totally winterized and I am so happy about it.

Auntie Lorna came to our house for supper that night and we had an excellent meal of cabbage rolls, sausage, baked carrots and turnips, stir fried greens and mashed potatoes. I felt bad because Mom and Dad did all the work but they said it was our food so maybe (maybe???) it evened out. I had made the cabbage rolls ahead of time and I stir fried the greens and Dave and I did all the dishes so that made me feel a bit better! Besides all that it was an AWESOME meal. Yum yum yum.
Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon at Auntie Lorna's visiting with Lisa and Neal and their kids. Sam had a blast running around with Olivia and Theo and Rachel enjoyed watching them. Then in the evening we took Mom and Dad out for dinner to Sole for their anniversary. They celebrated 43 years on Thursday. Our server even brought them a celebratory dessert! (It says "Happy 43rd Anniversary" in chocolate. How sweet!)
 After supper we went to the Da Capo concert which was amazing. (Da Capo is a (mostly acapella) chamber choir which sings mostly 20thC music. My mom went to school with the conductor and Janice sings in it.) There was one song where the audience had a part to sing and it was so overwhelmingly beautiful. What was even more special was that the song was composed by a friend of mine. It was the first time I'd been able to go a Da Capo concert since we'd returned to KW and it was so beautiful. I can't wait to go to more!!!

Today we skipped the worship service at church, although I did go to the Sunday School hour because we were having a discussion about adding solar panels to the church. My sense is that we will go ahead with this decision which makes me really excited. However the official vote isn't for a bit yet as today was just an information session. After Sunday School we met my parents at Cora's for brunch. The food was good as usual, but the service was really slow. And then we just hung out this afternoon which was fun and relaxing. My mom and I planted paperwhites and Dad and Sam relaxed on the couch.
Mom and Dad went to Auntie Lorna's to have supper with some friends of theirs and Dave and I were disappointed we couldn't watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders play their last football game of the season. We'd hoped to be able to stream it but sadly failed. And they almost pulled off a win so it would have been a great game to watch.

And that has been our visit thus far. Stay tuned tomorrow for more excitement!

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  1. Sounds like a sweet weekend you all spent together! Your parents look like such a sweet, young, happy couple! Congratulations to them!


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