Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Farewell to Nova Scotia Oma and Opa

Today my parents left to go visit my aunt in Toronto, but first they spent a few hours with us this morning. Thankfully because Sam completely freaked out no less than FOUR times before they got here this morning. (And it was only about 40 minutes of being on our own.)

Here's the e-mail I just sent to Dave so that you too can get an idea of how those 40 minutes went: "Sam completely freaked when 1) he couldn't have carrot cake for breakfast, 2) I sent him to his room for screaming so loudly (about #1) that he woke up Rachel, 3) I had to change his poopy diaper, and 4) I had to remove his pjs from his feet to accomplish #3." And by "completely freaked out" I mean crying and loud screaming like the world is about to end.

Anyways, after my mom and dad got here life was better. For Sam, that is. Then Rachel decided the world was ending about three times, once legitimately when she dropped Sam's camera on her toe, and once when my dad wouldn't let her go downstairs by herself. I mean, come on Opa! Let the child have her independence :) (By the way, while Rachel is quite adept at going upstairs on her own, she cannot go downstairs by herself as she proved last night when she would climb up one step, I would show her how to turn around, place her hands on the stair above her, and kneel so she could put one foot on the floor beneath her. Then she would go up one stair, stand up, turn around and attempt to step off into space. And then be completely mad when she would fall on her face. sigh.)

Anyways... when my children were not displaying their best behaviour they had a lot of fun reading with Oma and Opa...
...eating lunch with Opa...
...and getting taken to school with Oma. Sam was excited to show Oma his cubby. (Yes, that's excitement on his face, not a grimace of pain! Ha ha ha!)
Thanks for visiting us and we can't wait to see you on Christmas Eve!!!

(And bonus marks if you know the song the title is referring to.)

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  1. The song rings a bell but I can't think of it. I love the Oma and Opa visit. I can tell Sam loved it too! It must be something about girls and stairs. Both my boys have always preferred the cautious way of going down, but my little niece goes down forward and standing. It does scare me a little. :-)


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