Monday, August 02, 2021

I Spy: Week 30

We are currently in Saskatchewan visiting my parents, and I didn't even turn on my computer for the first few days. Thus, you get my "we flew to Saskatchewan" focused I Spy post today. As always, I'm linking up with Lysha at A Camera and A Cookbook.

Let's Play iSpy 2021


It was so cool to see pieces of the clouds and the pieces of Canada as we flew to Saskatchewan. I don't know how well you can see the land and lakes beneath the clouds.


Sam and Opa have been playing a lot of crokinole and they are pretty evenly matched. I don't know how often they are tied, but they seem to have a lot of fun!


True confessions time: I really wanted to include this picture of Mom's sweet peas so I honestly went out and smelled them to see if they could cover for this prompt. It turns out that sweet peas have a lovely scent so I was happy about that!!!


As soon as I saw this prompt, I was really hoping I'd get a window seat on the flight so that I could get a picture of Saskatchewan and its grid. I LOVE this photo and that it shows the sections so clearly! 

{your choice}


Rachel has been counting down to this summer for two years because my dad teaches the kids to drive at age 10. So here she is in all her driving glory!!! (You can't see my dad but he is sitting behind her. He doesn't just let the kids have free rein!)


  1. Oh I am so glad you were able to fly out west!!

  2. Yeah!! Enjoy your time in Saskatchewan!

  3. Wow at Rachel driving! My kids would love that.

  4. Learning to drive that early seems really awesome and really old-fashioned. I love it! Y'all are so fun. :)

  5. Gorgeous flowers! I always love the cloud pictures from airplanes.

  6. Hi Natasha, sounds like a great week. Super grid and pieces photos and I remember the scent of sweet peas - such a beautifully scented old fashioned flower and I haven't seen them for years.

  7. Love your walk to the library and Starbucks- sounds perfect and yeah for beach time!

  8. Really enjoyed these clever interpretations for this week's prompts. Grid is especially good!! Have never heard of crokinole. Looks like the fellas enjoyed their game. My birth month flower is sweet pea. Nice to know they are fragrant. Don't think I've ever seen one. How crazy fun that your dad teaches the kids to drive at 10!!

  9. What a fun take on all these prompts! Looks like you had a really great time visiting family.


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