Tuesday, August 03, 2021

One Sentence A Day: July 2021

Welcome to One Sentence A Day for July 2021. July was a month of summer fun and it felt like the most normal month we've had in a long time. As always, I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo (see her blog here) and the other One Sentence A Day bloggers.

1 - Thursday -- It was Canada Day (Canada's national holiday) but celebrations were muted due to Covid and the discovery of unmarked First Nations' graves at residential schools. (More sentences: A lot of people wore orange (rather than red and white) and we went for ice cream at a spot that was donating all its profits to a First Nations group.)

We also watched this heron for quite awhile on our way home from getting ice cream.

2 - Friday -- I baked challah for the first time in ages.

And Sam and I ate popsicles!

3 - Saturday -- We got a lot done this day including cleaning the playroom (Sam even cleaned off his desk!) and taking a long walk to run a bunch of errands.

4 - Sunday -- We had a super fun beach day at Port Dover on Lake Erie!!!

5 - Monday -- The kids went off to full day camps (leaving the house for full days for the first time since in person school closed on April 9) and I got a lot done at home!

6 - Tuesday -- It was another really hot day and I read and walked a lot.

I enjoyed walking Sam to his baseball camp every morning.

7 - Wednesday -- I went shopping and bought new shorts, a new t-shirt (both of which I LOVE), and a new swimsuit, which was quickly becoming a necessity.

8 - Thursday -- It was very rainy, we were all tired, and we discovered that Bluey had died :(

9 - Friday -- We enjoyed a drive-in movie featuring Rachel's final dance performance and a showing of Raya & The Last Dragon.

10 - Saturday -- We had a quieter day and started a new puzzle.

11 - Sunday -- We got A LOT of much needed housecleaning done this day.

12 - Monday -- It was the first day of VBS and Sam and Rachel loved seeing their church friends in person again.

13 - Tuesday -- It was the All Star Game for MLB and I loved watching my Blue Jays play so well. (Second sentence: And Vladdy won the All Star MVP which is the first time a Blue Jay has won that award!!!!!!)

14 - Wednesday -- We went on a long walk to the library, Starbucks, and a friend's house.

We got to go IN the library for the first time in months!!!

15 - Thursday -- We made homemade pizza today for the first time in ages.

The kids made prayer flags at VBS this day.

16 - Friday -- We went on a 12km family bike ride to do a thrift store drop off this day.

17 - Saturday -- I participated in my own #24in48 readathon this day.

18 - Sunday -- I finished my #24in48 and then we had a good visit with Tim and Janice in the evening. (Second sentence: I got to hug them for the first time since March 2020!!!)

24 hours of pure reading means I get a lot of books read.
19 - Monday -- Sam and Rachel had their first tennis and swimming lessons of the year.

20 - Tuesday -- We had the best afternoon visiting with friends and the time just flew!

21 - Wednesday -- Swimming, tennis, reading, organizing around the house -- just another summer day :)

22 - Thursday -- We had supper with Dave's parents for the first time since December 2019.

23 - Friday -- Dave and I went on an 8km (5 mile) errand-y walk and I finished off another virtual walk, this time of the Krueger Game Park.

24 - Saturday -- This was a quiet, rainy day at home but we did have fun celebrating our friend's 50th birthday in the evening. (More sentences: I had my first G&T of the summer and I got to hug another friend!!!)

25 - Sunday -- We had a day of getting things done, including swimming in the evening where one of our kids made GREAT strides in a skill that had been eluding them.

26 - Monday -- Rachel and I got haircuts for the first time in ages and we were able to donate our cloth recycling for the first time in eighteen months!

27 - Tuesday -- It rained, the kids didn't go to swimming, we packed, and we ate a really good sheet tray supper with amazing CSA vegetables.

28 - Wednesday -- It was the day of getting all the things done before we left.

29 - Thursday -- We flew to Saskatchewan to see my parents!!!

30 - Friday -- Rachel has been waiting for this day for two whole years! (Second sentence: My dad has decided that he will teach the kids to drive at age 10.)

31 - Saturday -- One of my kids made a brave choice to NOT do something today and I was really proud of them :)

And that was our July in one sentence a day. Next time I do this post will (hopefully*) be the first day of school for my kids. ACK! How is this summer going by so fast?!?!?

*I say "hopefully" because last year the first day of school got delayed about two weeks before school started thanks to Covid. I'm not expecting that to happen this year but, as we've all learned, "never say never."


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful month. Anytime you can go to the beach, visit when you haven't been able to and go to the Library and read, is a great time!

  2. RIP Bluey
    Isnt it crazy to see people & do simple things like dinner with family? Feels so strange.
    Library!!! I havent been back in mine - I cant wait!

  3. Here's hoping everything doesn't get shut back down with all that's happening wit COVID right now. We're back to mandatory masks. Grrrr

  4. I remember how said Rachel was at Bluey's passing. Poor baby girl, poor fishy. Yay for hair cuts and visits INSIDE the library. Love how you guys are such avid readers. We watched the All-Star game and were glad for Vladdy, Jr. to win MVP. Our Reds are having a great year...knock on wood. Watching them right now! Kids started to school this week. I am going to sub in a library for a month to make Christmas money. Hope your babies start back right on time.

  5. As soon as the kids can reach the gas & break petals & see over the stirring wheel, it's time to start teaching them to drive, right. Good to read about your area opening back up to do the things ya'll like to do & hoping the same for school getting started. Sorry for the loss of little Bluey. Karen

  6. I keep wondering what will happen with our schooling this year too! It looks like you had a really fun July though for the most part. So glad you got to go on your trip to see your parents.


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