Monday, August 09, 2021

Not Just A Mom: Daily Must Haves

It's the second Monday of the month so I'm linking up with the Not Just A Mom bloggers for "Daily Must Haves." I'm doing a bit of a different spin on this because we're on vacation at my parents' house in Saskatchewan. So today I'm sharing my daily must haves (or must dos) in Saskatchewan. Clearly, this is not typical of my routine at home :)

The first daily must have is I wake up and make myself a mochacinno from Mom and Dad's fancy coffee machine. And then I have a second one :)


After that, every second day, Dad and I have some time on the deck shelling peas. Mom picks a big batch of peas every other day. So Dad and I shell them (sometimes with help from Rachel), and Dad tells stories.


Then usually around lunchtime, we have excellent food and pickles! I especially love the carrot pickles! And if I don't eat them for lunch, then I eat them as an afternoon snack. I will seriously go into withdrawal when we leave :(

At some point after lunch, I have a Coke. And sometimes I have two :) This happens at home too!

 And usually I have to do a load of laundry so there is laundry hanging on the line.

Around 3:30 or 4:00 the bartender gets to work! I love Moscow Mules, G&Ts, and a drink we invented last year called the St Petersburg Burro. It's basically a Moscow Mule with the addition of rhubarb ginger syrup.

Assuming the weather is good (not too hot, not too windy), we have happy hour on the deck and I usually get distracted by the hummingbirds in the garden and try to get a good picture of them.


You can maybe see the hummingbird near the top of the feeder in this picture.

Dave and I also check a few websites every day to see if it might be possible to spot Northern Lights. Dave has never seen them and we're really hopeful he might finally get a chance to see some. 

And while I don't tend to use it as much at home, I've already gone through one full charge on my Kobo because I read a lot of ebooks while I'm on vacation. So my Kobo is a definite must have when we travel.

So there's a somewhat unique perspective on my daily must haves. One thing I don't do as much in Saskatchewan is spend as much time blogging. However, I'm looking forward to reading the other posts in this link up when I get home.

I'm linking up with the Not Just A Mom bloggers below and before I leave you, tell me one of your more unique daily "must haves."


  1. The electronics are so essential here too...hope you are having a blast!!

  2. This is a fun take on the daily must have prompt!

  3. I am loving your vacation must haves! (and kind of wishing I had thought to make mine a vacation edition too).

  4. That coffee machine looks really fancy! I'd have more than one cup of that too!

  5. Thanks for linking up. I would be using that coffee machine numerous times too

    1. The coffee which came out of it was sooooo good!

  6. You could turn your parent's place into a full B&B spa! Between the coffee maker, the garden, and the cocktail hour, I think they have all the essentials.


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