Saturday, August 21, 2021

I Spy: Week 33

Hey, hey, hey -- look at me! I'm posting an I Spy post on a Saturday! Gasp. What is even happening in blog world?!?!? This is an even more miraculous occurrence because my week did not turn out at all like I'd planned. I'm hoping to write more about that on Monday but let's just say my summer vacation ended unexpectedly on less than 24 hours notice. Womp, womp.

However, today is about I Spy, and as always, I'm linking up with Lysha at A Camera and A Cookbook. And I need to give a shout out to Dave as he helped me come up with some ideas for some of these prompts.

Let's Play iSpy 2021


This is a picture from earlier this week when our smoke detectors went off twice in half an hour with no discernible cause. The second time it happened, we were "stuck" outside at 1am until firefighters could go through our house with sensors and determine there were no issues.

(There were no issues and they think the problem might have been that two of our smoke detectors were expired.)

{house – (summer) – quarterly pic}

I'm so happy we did a bunch of yard work in the front yard this past weekend. Our front yard, at least, is looking pretty good right now! I love summer when everything is blooming.  


I don't actually know if these are "ink" but these are the original blueprints from our house. Our house was built in 1942 so these blueprints are eighty years old. The previous owners found them in the basement and framed them and left them with the house.

{starts with "C"}

Challah on the cutting board which my dad made me -- there is a lot in this picture which "starts with 'C.'"  

{your choice}


Rachel has had a ton of extra dance this week as she is taking her first ever dance exam this morning. It was supposed to happen in the spring but Covid delayed it. She has been working so hard and I'm so happy she will get to finally take her exam.


  1. Oh that sure is stuck! Your house is so cute and it's wonderful that you have the original blueprint plans. I don't know what challah is, but is sure looks yummy - is it a celebration bread? GO Rachel!!!

  2. So glad that all was OK with the house and it it looking really great with all your flowers blooming and everything so lush and green. How neat to have the original blueprints framed and on display!

  3. Your house is so charming. Love that you have a blue print of it. Hope the pesky smoke alarms stay quiet.

  4. Beautiful shot of Challah. Hope Rachel did amazing on her dance exam!

  5. Best of luck to Rachel and her exams- how exciting! My stomach is growling look at that challah- looks amazing! Your house looks beautiful right now- awesome job with the yard work!

  6. Did y'all call the fire department or why did they show up? So crazy! That challah looks AMAZING! Go Rachel!

  7. How cool to have the original blueprints for your very pretty house! You really were stuck with the wonky fire alarms - glad nothing was amiss though!


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