Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Currently: August 2021

Since it's the first Wednesday of the month, I am once again linking up with Anne at in residence for her "Currently" post. This is the Saskatchewan edition of "currently" since we're visiting my parents.


I've been admiring all the gorgeous flowers in my parents' yard. No matter where we sit, we see some beautiful flowers.


Later today my cousins and aunt are coming from another province just to visit us. We were really close with these cousins when we lived in Alberta and so I've been anticipating hugging them!!! Plus, I'm just really looking forward to spending a few days visiting and laughing with them. After a year and a half of Covid causing distance between people, it's so exciting to see family again.


I've been enjoying all the excellent food my mom and dad make. I've been especially enjoying all the varieties of pickles my mom makes -- not only does she make dill pickles but also carrot pickles and bean pickles. She also experimented with some hot pickles and they're so spicy my dad has named them Fire Pickles From Hell! I haven't touched those but they are Sam and Dave's particular favourites. Sam even drank the juice. Blah :( My favourites are the carrot pickles and I can easily go through a jar in a day! Hahaha!!!


I'm loving getting to spend time with my mom and dad. Honestly, because we're at my parents we're not spending anything else!!!


 I'm saving up all the great memories we're making! Yesterday we did a mini road trip around Saskatchewan and saw some really unique and interesting sites. I'll tell you about them next week but we got to see the Twisted Trees of Alticane (you can read more about them here) and got to take a four car ferry across the Saskatchewan River.

So that's up with us "currently." We're on vacation, spending time with family, and loving it! What's up with you???


  1. Last spring I was able to get a lot of yard work done and new things planted. My motivation came from watching Garden Answers videos on YT.
    Glad you are able to spend some quality time with your family!! :)

  2. Ahh - never too old to spend time with parents.
    I am always looking for pickle juice for Hubby - he gets such bad leg cramps & that works so fast to relieve it

  3. That's great you get to see some family! It has been really nice seeing people again lately.


  4. So glad that you're getting to spend time with your parents. What a gorgeous yard your parents have!

  5. So lovely to be spending time with family again - there's nothing like staying at your mom and dad's :) Gorgeous yard!

  6. Your parents' yard is gorgeous!

  7. Glad you're having a great time! How exciting to see your cousins.

  8. The flowers are gorgeous and I am so happy for you that you get to spend some great time with your parents!

  9. So glad you are with family!

  10. The pickled veggies are looking really good.

  11. Yay for this Saskatchewan edition. Your parents are adorable. Have never heard of pickled carrots but bet I would like them. So glad you are there and drinking in all the love and hugs!!
    Crazy trees. Checked out your link. Will look for more pictures. They are like something out of LOTR or The Hobbit!!

  12. I have never had - well, never even heard - of carrot pickles. But I do love carrots and I do love pickles!! So interesting!! Enjoy the visit with family!

  13. I am so thrilled to read about what a wonderful time you're having at your parent's house! What a fabulous currently wrap- up.


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