Monday, August 16, 2021

10 On The 10th: August 2021

Welcome to "10 on the 10th" for August. On this day we were spending our last day visiting my parents in Saskatchewan. It was a day full of packing and visiting and making ice cream. I decided to share ten pictures of our ice cream making process.

Earlier in our vacation, my mom had mixed up the pre-made portion of the ice cream. She cooked sugar and cream and some other stuff on the stove and had been storing it in a jar in the fridge. As I mentioned on Instagram, the ice cream maker we used came from my grandpa (on my mom's side) and we think it dates back to about 1915. We had to churn it for about twenty minutes to get the final product, although this day I think we only churned for a little over ten minutes.

Because I was cranking the ice cream maker some of the time, Rachel took a few of these pictures. Enjoy our ice cream making experience! I wish I could share the finished product with all of you because it was absolutely delicious!!!


  1. How fun Natasha and I am sure delicious! :)

  2. That is some super summer fun!

  3. We had those same blue bowls growing up! Glad you got to make some homemade ice cream, we still haven't done it yet! Maybe this week.

  4. I have some of the best memories of old ice cream makers churning ... it was something we always did as a family get together.


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