Monday, March 04, 2019

March Goals

It's time to tell you about my March goals. Sorry they are kind of boring but you guys get passionate about the most unusual things (cloth recycling for the win!) so maybe there is something here you can relate to.

1) Clean out our fridge and WASH IT. And the freezer too.

Because our city allows us to send food along with our recycling weekly (in a separate bin of course!), we don't tend to have rotting or moldy food in our fridge. However, we don't often remove all the stuff in our fridge and give it a good washing. And lately it's been grossing me out. So time to wash all the fridge shelves and drawers. Fun times!

And while I'm at it, I'm going to dig down to the bottom of the freezer too. Ugh.
I don't know if you can see the crud on the shelf in the photo on the left.
Also, I think when I'm posting pictures of dirty fridge shelves, 
this blog is getting real. Ha! 

2) Finish reading The Secret Garden to Rachel.

I started reading this book out loud to Rachel last April. We have about 100 pages left and she's really enjoying it. We just need to finish it off.

3) Find fun things to do over March Break. Make a plan. Stick to it.

I think we're well on our way to accomplishing this. On Friday, one of the days came together for March Break and then the rest of the days just fell into place. I think we have a good mix of fun things to do as a family and fun things for the kids to do on their own (with friends and grandparents). On one of the other days, I think we'll tackle the fridge and freezers - HAHAHA!!!

4) Invite two families over for meals.

Since we have synagogue on Saturdays and church on Sundays, we don't get a lot of time to just hang out with other people. I'm hoping we spend time with some newer friends a few times over March Break when we have time off from other things.

5) Read the rest of the "easy" books off my personal TBR.

I have three more books on my personal TBR which wouldn't take me a lot of time to read. I want to make them a priority this month.

The photo on the right is my prioritized stack of library books. 
I might have to tackle them first since all ten of those books 
are due by March 15th. Yikes.

6) Deal with 300 hundred e-mails in my one e-mail address (currently at 857 and counting, 253 unread -- seriously ridiculous).

I have two e-mail accounts. I have my personal one which is somewhat under control. Then I have my other one which is ridiculous. So many of the unread e-mails are so old, I can just file them (mostly old blog comments I haven't responded too -- sorry I'm so bad at that). And a lot of the ones which are read can be deleted or filed.

7) Do our taxes.

In Canada our taxes aren't due until April 30 but, since we're more than likely getting a refund, it would benefit us to get them done earlier. It will likely take about an hour of Dave and I working together to do them so we just need to make a tax date -- like a real date but less romantic and more financially rewarding. Ha!

8) Go through the travel bag.

We have had a Road Trip Bag of Fun for the kids for about five years. We took it to New York at the beginning of January and it's been sitting out since then -- ugh. I haven't put it away because I realized I needed to go through it. There are certain activities in there the kids have outgrown. Once I've done that, I'll put it away. (And yes, we got back from New York almost two months ago.)
I see you there under the table where you've been for 
two months Road Trip Bag of Fun.

9) Shred the paper in the basement. 

I've had a box of paper in the basement, needing to be shredded, since last summer. Our shredder is not industrial so I can only do a bit at a time. I've gone through half the box but if I do a bin or two every other day, it should probably be done in about three weeks.
The kids are super excited about shredding
so this should be a goal that's fun for the whole family! Ha!

Can you tell that March is about finishing off those finicky, often ignored, house things? I'm hoping that April is going to be beautiful and spring like here and then I can turn my attention outside for about six months. So I need to deal with all the outstanding house things this month.

And with that, I'm off to shred something. Whoo hoo?!


  1. I confess that your number of emails give me hives, but I've been there!! I remember from my producer days...coming back from vacation meant HUNDREDS of emails sitting in my box. Ugh.

  2. But sometimes you need to write it down to make those boring chores a reality! Good luck! I was trying to see all the books in your TBR stack - I can't wait to hear what you think of 99% Mine - I have about a 6 month wait at my library, but I've read online that people have been disappointed with it! Boo!

  3. I noticed 99% Mine in your stack- I read it last week and must confess that I was underwhelmed. Not bad or anything, just nothing spectacular. I'm inspired by your fridge-washing goal. Our fridge is only 6 months old so it isn't bad yet, but I feel like I'm going to be better at keeping this one clean than my last fridge because this one is a fridge-on-top kind. So like...everything is eye level. I feel like in my old fridge, the bottom shelves and drawers would be disgusting, but like...out of sight, out of mind. So I have high hopes here. Hahahaha. Also- what happened to your pretty blog header/design and side bar pictures and such? Maybe they've been gone for a long time and I just noticed today, haha.

  4. These are the kinds of household projects that have really been suffering in our lives lately! Good luck!
    Also--I'm impressed you're reading her The Secret Garden. It's been tough to hold my girls' attention through chapter books. We're working on it. ;)

  5. I love a good fridge/freezer cleaner! It's deeply satisfying to open a clean fridge. I'm very jealous that your area accepts food scraps - just goes to show how behind we are! We do have a "township shredding day" where people bring boxes and boxes to be shredded, and I think that's a cool concept. Certainly easier than doing it one-by-one at home!


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