Monday, March 18, 2019


One of our favourite things to do during March Break is to head to our local mall and see the amazing CANStruction sculptures. CANStruction is a fundraiser for the food bank and all the cans used in building are donated to the food bank after the builds are dismantled. You can read more about CANStruction here, and as I say every year, if there is one in your area you should definitely make it a priority to go visit.
This year they gave the public a chance to try and build things. Sam was into making words like "Hi" and "Toronto."
Rachel took advantage of all the building materials to make a bunny.
Pictured above, she has the body, the legs and the head and is starting on the ears. Below is her completed bunny eating a carrot. The three cracker boxes and two cans on top of the bunny's body are "her baby bunny who is drinking milk from her mommy."

Snoopy and various Woodstocks
This structure was a resort, complete with a beach and palm trees. They even had cans of mackerel "swimming" in the ocean. I wanted to relax under one of the palm trees!
I thought this Mama bird feeding her baby was adorable! I loved how the builders used packages of oatmeal for the wings. The details on this one were incredible.
Over the years, more and more technology has been used in the structures. I loved how the bottles of Gatorade made the "flames" as the rocket took off, but then there were little lights flashing in the "flames" as well.
This structure of the Canadarm (you can read more about it here) was incredible. What I especially loved was the fact that "from space" you could see North America. Again, strings of lights were used to represent the cities in North America. And North America is composed entire of tea bags.

Sam and Rachel's favourite structure was "Baby Shark." They immediately started singing the song. Hahaha!!!

I thought this bathtub, complete with running water and rubber ducks, was pretty cool.
My absolute favourite structure was this lighthouse and sailboat. Again, I was really impressed with the way the shore and water were depicted. One of things I find so amazing about these structures is not only the engineering involved but also the artistry. I especially love how the builders use the food to depict their image.
This structure was built by the Muslim Association of Canada and, in the blurb describing it, they referenced how Canada is a safe harbour for refugees. And they mentioned how refugees often need to use local food banks until they can get on their feet. It made me cry and I just loved how they framed it.

Our family looks forward to CANStruction every year. We love seeing the creativity and voting (with our money) on our favourite sculptures. And all the "voting money" and all the cans go to such a good cause.

To see previous years CANStruction posts you can click here for 2017, here for 2016, here for 2014, and here for 2013. We were gone over CANStruction time in 2015 and I never blogged about last year's event. Maybe I'll have to do that as a #tbt :)


  1. I've actually never been! I need to make a mental note to check it out next year.

    1. You absolutely need to check it out. It's soooo incredible!!! There might even be one closer to you.

  2. I LOVE the CANstruction photos! They are so fun and creative. I always marvel at people's creativity genius (esp since I am not). I love the one by the Muslim Association; what a wonderful way to help those in need!


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