Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Daily Photo: February 26 - March 4, 2019

February 26, 2019 -- I've mentioned this on here before, but one of our family indulgences is we each pick out our own soaps. It's a little hard to see (because one of them is almost gone), but currently our soaps are all a shade of orange. We're usually not so coordinated.
February 27, 2019 -- For our Country of the Week project this week, we were visiting Denmark. I made a dessert pancake and it had to bake at 500F. Dave didn't know our oven went as hot as 500F. By the way, this pancake, topped with fruit and whipped cream, was AMAZING. Yum!

February 28, 2019 -- Rachel decided to decorate her owl with March happenings this day. She's excited about a sleepover (by herself!) with her grandparents and Sam's birthday (a "missalain" (miscellaneous) themed party).

March 1, 2019 -- Rachel came home from school this day with an upset stomach. After violently throwing up four times in ten minutes she had an hour nap and felt better. I think it might have been food poisoning :(

March 2, 2019 -- Sam's birthday and the official opening day of baseball are two days apart this year. Sam created a countdown for both events!

March 3, 2019 -- I love how much Sam and Rachel love each other! This was taken right before bedtime, after they had spent the majority of the day playing together.

March 4, 2019 -- You didn't think you were going to escape a flower photo this week, did you!?!?!? I've never seen a tulip open up so wide. The day before it was drooping and closed and I re-cut its stem and put it in fresh water. It must have been happy :)


  1. I would not have even realized that was a tulip!! Crazy!!

  2. Hmmm, I like the soap idea. Does that help encourage the kids to wash their hands more? I have one (uh hmmm...Brody) that does not like to do so no matter how much I tell him. Sigh. I may try it. You know I love the sibling love picture! I am glad Rachel's sickness did not seem to last very long. Happy March!

  3. That Danish pancake dessert thing looks AMAZING. Also I wished Trent and Drew still liked each other ha.


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