Thursday, September 03, 2015

Love In The Vineyard

The main reason we were in New York this past weekend was because Dave's cousin got married. She and her (now!) husband had their wedding at a winery on the eastern end of Long Island. It was a gorgeous setting.
The flowers were AMAZING! I loved them!
Sam and Rachel ran all over the grassy area with two other kids who were there. They all became fast friends. In fact, they had so much fun, that when Rachel decided she needed to find someone to marry (because she was at a wedding, of course!), after asking various people if they were married, and receiving affirmative answers, she decided to marry her new friend. Since he seemed like a sweetheart, we got along well with his parents, and Rachel and J decided they would wait until they were grown up to do the deed, I'm okay with this :)
One of the highlights of the wedding for me was getting to see so much family. We got to meet Dave's cousin's new baby, Amelia. We brought them a small baby gift and Rachel made them a card which stated, "Congratulations grownups on making my baby. I love you!" She'll be setting up business any day now.
We also got to take some family pictures, including this four generation one of Dave's grandpa, his mom, him, and the kids. I love this photo. Dave's grandpa will be 97 in September so we enjoy getting to visit with him when we get the chance.
Dave's mom took this picture of us, since we were all dressed up.
And here are the bride and groom, Elisabeth and Brian. This past weekend was the first time we'd met Brian and we look forward to getting to know him better. We have a shared interest in baseball so I have a feeling some of that knowledge may happen at a game (or seven!).
Since the wedding was at a winery, there were lots of neat touches, including a wine tasting before the ceremony. And I LOVED the boutonnieres the men wore. So unique!
Inside there were more flowers and this huge challah, which Rachel was so excited about.
The food was delicious. Dave is looking skeptical in this picture because he'd asked for a small piece of chicken for Rachel, and they gave him a quarter of a chicken. To be fair, it was the smallest piece they had!

We had so much fun at this wedding. We enjoyed visiting with family, we rocked it on the dance floor, and we loved being able to celebrate with Elisabeth and Brian on their special day. We're looking forward to more fun family gatherings in the future. And if they take place in a gorgeous vineyard like this one did, so much the better :)


  1. 1. STUNNING decor at that wedding. Just stunning.

    2. Rachel's card - I DIE!! That is so priceless!

    3. Also priceless - that four generation photo. WHAT A TREASURE!!!!!

    1. I was so glad to be able to get the four generation photo. It was a special moment.

  2. "Congratulations grownups on making my baby"--- that is AMAZING!!! Please put her in business immediately!! I love all of those sunflowers!

  3. What a beautiful wedding! I love Rachel's card. LOL!

  4. Beautiful! And Rachel's card--too funny.

  5. What a lovely wedding! I love the picture of your family. And that Rachel...what a character! Haha!


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