Friday, September 25, 2015

Juggling Priorities

I realized last night that my main enemy is lack of enegry. (I think I may have whined about something similar before, but stick with me for a minute.) And specifically last night I was reminded of those weeks right after Sam was born.

I was exhausted. I was overwhelmed. I kept Sam alive. And Dave and I would get one thing done a day. One thing which wasn't taking care of Sam, that is. Sometimes it was folding a basket of laundry. Sometimes it was cleaning the bathroom. But for those first weeks, we were on a "one thing" schedule.

And I feel like I'm right back there. I am exhausted. I am slightly overwhelmed. The kids are the priority and they are fed, dressed, and (mostly) happy. Rachel has been sick this past week so missed a few days of school. Thankfully Dave and I have been able to juggle our work schedules and, I think, managed to stay on top of work things and sick Rachel.

However, after all the necessary things are done (dishes washed, laundry washed, and food prepared), then I usually have the energy for just one thing. Honestly, lately that one thing has been listening to the Blue Jays game on the radio. Dave and I sit in the office and hold our breaths, groan, and more often than not, celebrate uproariously, while simultaneously trying not to wake up the kids. I think the mindlessness of following the game is about all the mental stimulation I can handle these days.

I have also been making walking a priority (thank you FitBit) because I want to soak up our gorgeous weather while it lasts. Soon enough we will be buried in snow and the most walking I will do is the slow trudge of getting the kids to school and back.

Getting up early to get work done has been (mostly) successful, but the downside of my 5:30am wake up is that I'm exhausted by 8pm, which is about when the kids are (mostly) settled in bed. I haven't even been able to read a book in about a week. And for me, that is e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d.

The Blue Jays had an off night last night and I was able to catch up on some blog reading. I really have about fifteen draft blog posts sitting on Blogger, which I want to write, or finish. But I just don't have the energy to polish them. I'm hoping I'll find some time this weekend to get some good blogging in, but we have a full weekend, most of which I'm really looking forward to.

Until I get my blogging groove back, just hang with me, okay? I'm reminding myself that it only took about two months to get back in the swing of things after Sam was born, so I must be nearly there now.

Happy Weekend Everyone. See you on Monday. I hope :)


  1. I totally relate to this feeling!! Like by the time it's 9:00 and Millie is in bed, if the dinner dishes are mostly put away, I am DONE. I have no mental or physical energy left to offer my house or husband or blog or anyone. Except maybe a book. Because turning on Netflix is even too much work most of the time.

  2. You sound like every single WOHM I know. :D You're doing great--hang in there! You have a crowd in the background supporting and praying for you, and you'll be able to pay it forward when you get over the hump.

  3. I have always felt that way at the start of a new transition (new job, new baby, new house, etc.) but I always get into my groove before too long, and I'm sure the same will be true for you! Hang in there!

  4. I totally relate to this! But it seems to ebb and flow... sometimes I mentally high five myself for how well things are going and other times I want to crawl in my closet and hide just so I can catch my breath. Hang in there, mama, you'll find your (new) groove soon enough!

  5. Sorry this is a challenging time for you. Hope things get easier soon. :)

  6. You'll get back into your groove in no time. This time of the year is just crazy. I know I forget just how busy we are by the end of the summer and the busyness of our lives kind of takes me by surprise. You've got this mama.


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