Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Funniest Game Of Mini Golf Ever!!!

This week I am volunteering with my church's VBS. I am leading Science experiments for around 60 4 & 5 year olds in four sessions. It is E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-N-G. Seriously. I will write more about it eventually but for now I will share a few more Saskatchewan stories.

On Saturday we decided to escape to the city, where the mosquitoes were less awful, and play some mini golf, since Sam had been looking forward to it for months. I have never laughed so hard at a game of golf in my life. I could barely take pictures. Sam and Dad played, as did Rachel (for free, thankfully!), and the 18-hole game took about 20 minutes as there was no one else playing. It was so fast! Rachel would hit the ball once (maybe), then pick it up, drop it in the hole, shout "Yay!" and march off to the next hole. Sam wanted to be the goalie and would try to hit my dad's ball away from the hole with his club. Dad, I think, was attempting to play semi-seriously. It was so funny! At the end of the game Sam said, "I am a good golfer but this was a hard course!" Dad won a free round on the last hole so we ended up going back after lunch so Sam could play again. I played with him this time, as did Rachel. Since the course was really crowded the second game took about an hour.

I also included a few pictures of the amazing landscaping because some of the colours of flowers and plants they mixed were amazing, and I wanted to remember them. I might attempt to re-create some of them next summer in Our. Very. Own. Yard!!!


  1. Fun! I'm trying to decide if this would be a big hit with Davis, or if we would spend the entire time chasing him around the golf course... maybe we'll wait a little longer to try mini golf with him so we don't have to find out ;)

  2. "I'm a good golfer, but this was a hard course!"????!! HAAAAAA!!!! I love four year olds!!!

  3. The course is so pretty! I love the flowers! Rachel's little outfit and shoes are super cute too. Glad that you all had so much fun!

  4. Oh mini golf...Evan's favorite summer activity! I remember loving the game as a kid but now not so much. I really stink at it and it frustrates me. Evan and Sam would have a blast together though. When you come visit, we'll definitely make a trip to Myrtle Beach because it is like mini golf capitol of the world! Haha! Man, our list of things to do together is getting soooo long! :-)

  5. VBS is exhausting!!! I agree. I cannot even imagine taking Lincoln golfing!!!!

  6. Y'all are so much fun. I bet a trip to the post office would be fun with you all....he, he. : )

    1. You can totally come to the post office with us sometime if you want! It's kind of more chaotic than anything else :)


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