Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dave and the Giant Hedge

Once upon a time there was a hedge. A lush, leafy hedge that towered over the lawn, providing shade, a bit of privacy and a nice green backdrop for pictures.
But then a message came from the lord of the realm (a.k.a. the City of Kitchener, via our landlord) saying that the hedge had grown too high, and must be chopped down promptly, or the lord would send his woodsmen to do the job, and charge many a gold coin for the task.

So, Dave got to work. First, he tried his hedge trimmer, which he had used in the past to keep the hedge neat and trim (see the picture on the right, and ignore the one on the left!). Alas, it was not up to the task, and only made unpleasant whining noises before giving up entirely.

So, on the advice of the wise woodsman Rob (Natasha's dad), Dave journeyed forth and obtained a pair of magic loppers. With these loppers, Dave began to trim...
... and trim...
and trim, until the hedge was cut down to the height that had been decreed.
What further adventures does fate have in store for Dave? There is still, alas, some hedge left to be trimmed, and then there is the small matter of the leaves and branches that must be disposed of (this would be a great time for a dragon to swoop down... or at least a herd of hungry goats)

Stay tuned for further exciting tales!


  1. Haaa!! Too funny!! Nicely done, Dave!

  2. 1. Love the way you told that story.

    2. The Bekahrazzi wants to know what you will now use for a photo backdrop. :)

    1. 1. Thanks! I had a good time coming up with how to tell it :)

      2. For now, we'll use the sad, bare remains of what was a full and leafy hedge :( However, in a few weeks we'll get to use whatever is in the backyard of our new house!!!

  3. Oh the exciting adventures of Dave...I am on the edge of my seat waiting for more! :-)

  4. Hilarious. :-)

    So isn't the point of renting that you have a landlord who is responsible for maintenance?


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