Monday, July 01, 2013

Ask Me A Question, Eh???

So today is Canada's birthday. We are doing something really exciting (for me!) today and I can't wait to share about that and also how we spent our anniversary this past weekend. But before all that happens, I was going to make a quiz of all things Canadian in honour of Canada Day but then I ran out of time couldn't think of interesting questions. So now I am going to let you ask me any questions you have about Canada (or Canadians) and I will answer them in a post later this week. And if you don't ask me anything then I will make up some random questions and some random facts. Ha ha ha!!! So if you want to read about what you actually want to know about, then ask away people, ask away...


  1. Happy birthday, Canada! And how many years old are you today? Here is my 'question' (not really a questions): How would you, or most Canadians, respond to the following Robin Williams quote about your country? (I must admit I heard this years and years ago and it pretty much has influenced my thoughts about Canada ever since)

    "Canada is like a loft apartment over a really great party."

  2. So if Ryan and I are going to visit Canada - where should we go????

  3. Hey Natasha - I need to share something with you and I can't find your e-mail address. Could you please e-mail me?

    What do you think the biggest difference is between Canda and the US?

  4. So you will be impressed that I know the Canadian national anthem...or at least the first line. I had a Canadian friend in college :) We were crazy. Do you live on the west or east side? My Canadian geography is atrocious. Hopefully the east so that we have a possibility of meeting some time! :) What is your favorite thing about living in Canada? Your least favorite thing? O.k. that was 3 will survive :)

    1. I am very impressed that you know some of our national anthem. I live on the east side (possibilities of meeting are very high -- yay!!!) and I will answer all of your questions in about a week :)

  5. Oh, now I see why I probably didn't ask a question going by the date of this post. *Sigh*


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