Friday, July 19, 2013

Saskatchewan Is The Place Where...

I know, I know, I'm so original with the title here! But here's a hodge podge of photos from yesterday and they all work well with the theme of "Saskatchewan is the place where..." So here we go.
...I have a mochaccino from Mom and Dad's awesome coffee machine every single morning. And usually I have two :)
...Dad makes fresh fruit smoothies every single morning. Best breakfast ever! Even if Sam does find the smoothie blender a little loud! find this at your local Costco! We love our CFL football team.
...Sam can visit the same library I went to as a child. I LOVED the library and would take out twenty books at a time every visit. (Honestly, not much has changed for me as an adult except the location of the library!)
...Sam, Rachel and I can have our picture taken in front of the school I attended from Kindergarden to Grade 8.
...we can also have our picture taken in front of my Kindergarden classroom. It is also the place where I feel old as Sam is entering Kindergarden in September.
...Sam and I can climb the "big hill" behind my elementary school. We are the speck almost at the top of the hill in the picture on the right.
...they have turned the place where I grew up into a future subdivision. For those of you in the know, the picture on the left is looking towards the fields from Mom and Dad's driveway and the picture on the right is looking down the long driveway from Mom and Dad's old driveway towards the grid road. Crazy how things have changed, eh???
...Rachel has this many mosquito bites on her back right upper leg and we haven't been outside at Mom and Dad's AT ALL. These are all from the mosquitoes which have gotten inside the house. In the city it is much better outside. You don't even want to see the bite on her back -- it's way worse.
...Dad and Sam make homemade pasta for supper. And where Dad always has "camera ready hair." Ha ha ha!!!
...Rachel helps with the laundry and hangs out in her (way too big) new fleece pjs even though it's 27C (80F) outside. Thankfully Oma and Opa's house is also the place with air conditioning!
...Opa makes the most amazing mango-nectarine milkshakes. Oh. My. Goodness. This is definitely my new favourite milkshake.

Dave may also be posting some blog posts while the kids and I are gone so I'm sorry for the double posting, but as you can tell from the previous post, he has some interesting things going on for him as well!


  1. Do I need to explain to you my level of jealousy at that machine????? I have never SEEN such a thing!!!! Oh sigh of sweet envy... :)

    1. It's a Miele coffeemaker and it is pretty awesome! I should have thought of you immediately when I posted about this but I was probably too hyped on mochaccinos :)

  2. THAT IS A COFFEE MAKER??!??! I think your parents live in a space ship. A space ship that I want to move into and have them cook for ME all the time!! What a fun vacation!

  3. Wow, your parents' place sounds pretty amazing! Sounds like you are all getting spoiled...although I am not envious of the mosquitoes. We have enough of those here. Missing you in the blog world, but I am slowly catching up! I definitely want to try one of those milkshakes. Recipe please!


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