Monday, July 08, 2013

Entering The 21st Century. Finally.

So for some reason, just last week, I got cell phone envy. It wasn't because I wanted to make calls whenever and where ever mind you, it's because I wanted to be on Instagram. For the longest time, Dave and I had a flip phone (which he brought to the relationship) and it was serving us just fine. In fact, I was pushing to get rid of it. Then Donny gave us a touch phone (I don't even know what kind) which Dave uses to take calls at work (from me!) and that's about it. I don't like that phone either. I just don't like cell phones I guess.

But then along came last week and I suddenly had an urge to be on Instagram. So I tweeted about it and Erika (The Amazing!!!) came to my rescue and replied, "You can get Instagram on the iPad." Suddenly new horizons opened up to me, because thankfully, my mom and dad gave us an iPad mini for Christmas. So now I have an Instagram account and can post random pictures of my day for the world to see. (You can follow me, if you're into that kind of thing.) And then I decided that Dave needed one too so we could share pictures with each other. And now Dave has been taking pics with his phone and I am doing my first "Pictures From The Phone Post." It's a modern-day, minor, miracle :)

Exhibit A: The Tomato Plant Dave Has Been Growing In His Office Window (I would like to add, it has more tomatoes on it than the one currently growing in our garden.)
Exhibit B: Random Pictures From A Games Night I Organized At Church On Friday
Exhibit B-1: Sam doing his "mad face!"
Exhibit B-2: Sam playing crokinole, a really fun game.
Exhibit B-3: The sunset from our church parking lot.
Exhibit C: We Went Grocery Shopping Yesterday And The Kids Ate Their Free Cookies
Exhibit D: Dave And Rachel Went To Wal-Mart Last Night
It's funny how suddenly the freedom to post random pictures to the internet has encouraged us to take more pictures! How about you guys? Are you on Instagram? Do you have a cell phone? Do you take phone pictures? Inquiring minds want to know...


  1. OK, so to clarify: did you (DO you?) not have a cell phone of your own??! You and Dave share one that he takes to work?! And now did he get a second iPad in order to get IG, or did he get a smartphone?

  2. I'm so glad that the phone is no longer causing such discord between you two. I remember when I first few weeks I had it, I couldn't really figure out what the big deal was... until the very first time I used it for something I couldn't really easily do with either my old phone or my computer. (I think it was posting a picture directly from my camera to my Facebook.) Then I was hooked.

    I'm glad to hear that you've found your first "hook". Please enjoy your slow slow descent into smartphone madness.

  3. Why is Sam covered in groceries?


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