Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Our Anniversary: Part The First

So how did we celebrate our fifth anniversary? Well, we hit both ends of the classy/less so spectrum! Ha ha ha! On Friday night we went to the Lancaster Smokehouse for BBQ. It is a "southern inspired BBQ restaurant" and after hearing about all this Southern food I wanted to try it out. There was a wait to eat dinner so we hung out at the bar. I had a Mint Julep which was my favourite thing of the night! I realized, belatedly, that going to a BBQ place as a vegetarian might not have been the smartest move :)
We ordered Shrimp Calas as appetizers which were sooooo yummy! Then as my main course I had fried catfish (because I was too chicken to go for the Cajun Catfish -- I'm not a spice girl!) and coleslaw and grits. I really liked the grits. They reminded me of macaroni and cheese, although... grittier :)
Dave had BBQ Pulled Pork with Sweet Potato Fries and Collard Greens. I tried some of the collard greens and I have to say, I think they must be an acquired taste!
Then we went to the same hotel where we'd spent our wedding night. Dave watched a movie and I fell asleep at 9:30. It was super-romantic. Ha! The noteworthy part was that it was the first time we both left Rachel overnight. And we didn't just go pick her up first thing the next morning either.

First we got to show Tim, Janice, Tessa and Willem our new house. And we discovered that there is a Saskatoon Berry tree in our front yard. Could it be any more perfect?!?!?! Then we had Vincenzo's sandwiches for lunch. And then we headed to the opposite end of the spectrum from the Lancaster Smokehouse. We headed off to...

to be continued :)


  1. Ha!! I love that you went to a BBQ place...but yes, not the easiest genre to navigate as a vegetarian! I love collards, but I can see how they'd be an acquired taste. I like to put vinegar on mine. Sounds like a great start to the anniversary!

  2. I love that you tried Southern Food! How fun!!!

  3. Sweet Potato casserole/crunch is even better than the fries....but **slightly** less healthy what with all the brown sugar and such :) Pulled pork is yummy (shredded chicken is also served here and tastes/looks similar)....I don't touch collared greens, so can't comment on those. :)


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