Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Few Random Things To Share

So I have a few random things to share with you (as the title implies!) and I thought I would take today to do that. I still have a lot of other (non random) stories to share but since some of these randoms include Saskatoon things I wanted to do this today.

First of all, lately both Dave and I absolutely dread putting Rachel in her car seat. "Why?" you ask. The answer is "She is a very strong and wriggly worm when it comes to putting her in it if she doesn't want to be there." Case in point:
Also, you may have noticed I haven't shared a scripture memory verse in awhile. I have given up on this project for now. I have been so stressed about trying to get everything done and this has fallen by the wayside. So I admit defeat. At least, for now.

As you may have guessed, while we were in Saskatoon, Target opened there. We all went on opening day and Dad was hanging out with Sam while Mom, Rachel and I browsed clothing. Then we met up with Dad. Notice who we didn't meet up with??!?!! Yeah, Sam decided he didn't want to spend time with Opa and took off on him. I was freaking out as Dad has circled the whole store three times trying to find him. So I had just alerted store personnel when Sam came dashing out from the cash register line. I yelled at him and cried. Sam thought it was all in good fun so now he is confined to carts at all stores in the near future.

After that little adventure, Mom and I left the kids with Dad and went to Target on our own. I was thrilled to be shopping without kids and we tried on clothes and looked around for two hours. It was awesome. I bought myself a necklace, a couple of shirts, a dress and I also bought clothes for Rachel for the fall, a couple of t-shirts for Runaway Sam and some birthday presents for my mom.
This dress/tunic will look much better with leggings and the long "pearl" necklace I got from my mom. (Oh yeah, besides shopping at Target I also went shopping in my mom's thrift store pile and have a couple of new necklaces, tank tops and a new dress. And my mom has less to take to the thrift store. Yay!)
I love how Rachel is holding all her new clothes in the one picture and yelling at me to not take her picture in one of them! I also love how all the colours at Target were mix and match and I was having fun getting Rachel to model different combinations :)

On the day we went mini-golfing and cruising on the river, we also stopped at the Mendel Art Gallery and I took pictures of some of the flowers in the conservatory.
And on the way back to Mom and Dad's I told Dad that I wanted to stop and take some pictures of the canola fields, which were in bloom, and the sky. I love it when Saskatchewan looks this way!
And speaking of "Saskatchewan", I've had some requests for a vlog of me pronouncing it. So here you go. And you even get a joke! Ha ha ha!!! And it totally sounds like I'm lisping but I think it's because our old camera, which we used to make this, has really bad sound quality because I don't think I normally lisp.

In other random news I ordered new backpacks for Sam and Rachel for school. I wanted to get Sam a new backpack for starting Junior Kindergarten and I knew that LL Bean made good ones. Janice recommended the "Critter Backpack" to me and, since they are going to be discontinued, I jokingly said to Dave that we should order one for Rachel for when she starts JK in two years. Dave said, "No!!!" Then the next day Janice e-mailed me that the Critter Pack was the deal of the day and it was on for $25. I told Dave and he said, "Get one for Rachel too!" And Janice gets free monogramming from LL Bean and she got us an extra 10% off. So now both of our kids are ready for JK. In terms of having backpacks that is. Sometime this week we are going to get Sam a lunch bag. Probably this one in a guitar pattern. Yes, in Ontario we have two "nutrition breaks" each school day instead of one "lunch period." It's weird. And it means I basically have to pack Sam two big snacks every day. Yerghks :()

And remember way back when (on Canada Day) I encouraged you to ask me questions about Canada??? Well, I haven't forgotten those and am working on a post (coming in the next week or so) which will give you all my answers. Sorry it's been so long since then :()

And I think that's enough randomness for one day. Tune in tomorrow for a more cohesive blog post about just one thing :)


  1. HA!! Love the vlog AND the joke!! And that is definitely NOT how I imagined the proper pronunciation of Saskatchewan, so I'm glad to know the truth now. Although I just tried, and I think I have already forgotten how to say it correctly. It comes out "Saskatatatatatchewon." Pretty sure that's wrong. Also- VERY cute tunic/dress!!! Yay Target!!

  2. 1. Love your accent and the Target outfit!
    2. The only jokes about my hometown are related to Helen Keller since she is from there, and they all feel a little blasphemous! :P
    3. We have been having more car seat trouble with C, too, and we have resorted to bribery. Shameless bribery.

  3. I also dread putting Davis in the car seat - he's too darn heavy and always wants to buckle his own straps and it's just an ordeal. Love the new clothes and love the vlog!

  4. SO....we also have to pig wrestle Lincoln in to his carseat. Sometimes I just refuse and make Neal do it. It ALWAYS sounds like we are torturing a child by the sound of his screams as we are trying to cram him in the carseat. Jealous of your alone shopping....I told Neal all I want for my birthday is to go shopping by myself all morning. Hah :) LOVE to hear you on your "vlog"...made me laugh. Please do regular video commentary. Thank you.

  5. I love the vlog...so great to hear your voice for a change! Although in my head, I think I say Saskatoon and Saskatchewan correctly, I am pretty sure if I recorded myself saying it aloud, I would hate it because I would sound so "country." I love the Target outfit, and I would love to raid your mom's thrift store pile because I bet it is full of really stylish clothes (of which I could probably fit in none). I feel you on wrestling a toddler into a car seat and the scare of losing a child in the store. I panic when I lose sight of Evan for even a second, and I am really paranoid about Brody because he will definitely run off if not held onto tightly. So I can't think of any jokes off the top of my head although there are many about NC and the south in general, are there any southern words that I need to say in a vlog to help you pronounce them? I guess this is sort of a joke -- Many people do call North Carolina "North Cackalacky." :-)

  6. I can't get your Vlog to work. boo! I love the top! Oh goodness, Sam running off in the store is scary! I haven't had that happen yet, but I can imagine how scary that would be!


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