Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Letter to Four Year Old Sam

Sam -- you are FOUR YEARS OLD!!!
 March 2013

I've been avoiding writing this post all month, mostly because I haven't gotten a great series of pictures of you. Then yesterday my blog friend, Allison, posted a picture of her son from each month, so I decided to steal borrow her idea. And now I can write this post! (PS. Sam actually turned four on March 29, so this is a month late. Boo.)
April 2012

I think you weigh around 34 pounds and you are 41 1/2" tall! You wear a size 4 diaper and most of your clothes now are 4T, but your pants are still mostly 3T. You are still not toilet trained and we have declared a moratorium on it for now. This is one area of life where you WILL NOT be forced and Mommy and Daddy have given up. Although you did start pooping on the potty regularly in January so that was awesome!
May 2012

You go to bed around 8:30 or 9 and you sleep until around 8 most days. Going to bed, and staying in bed, has been another huge struggle. We are trying to implement a better bedtime routine. You don't like to be alone in your room and you wake up at night and come to Mommy and Daddy's bed. We are trying to get you into a better bedtime routine first and then we will deal with the middle of the night visits :)
June and July 2012

You don't sleep with any stuffed animals at all. You like to wear Carter's fleece "feet pajamas" as you call them. You also like to sometimes wear a pair of two piece pajamas underneath. You are Mommy's son in that you could live in your pajamas all day, if we'd let you!
August 2012

You don't take an afternoon nap anymore but on days you don't have preschool you still have about an hour and a half to two hours of quiet time, although you usually miss even that on the weekends. You have started to get yourself dressed more these days although you sometimes still need help getting your arms out of your sleeves.
September 2012

For breakfast you eat a "granoler bar," as you call them, some orange juice, two yogurts (usually fieldberry or peach) and then sometimes oatmeal, or toast, or a banana. Lunch is pretty random. You eat some leftovers or a peanut butter sandwich. You like cucumbers and red or yellow peppers. Your favourite supper is tuna noodle casserole and you always want to eat that. You like popcorn, apple cider, chocolate and Triscuits crackers.
October and November 2012

Sam you are a really good big brother. You play really nicely with Rachel and you let her get away with a lot. You rarely hit or push her or yell at her. You like to try and encourage her to talk and you LOVE playing in your room with her. You watch out for her and like to show her how to do things safely, like going downstairs. I adore watching you and Rachel play with each other and it melts my heart to hear the two of you laughing hysterically over some joke or game.
December 2012 and January 2013

You have LOVED going to preschool and LOGOS and Sunday School and Tot Shabbat. You thrive in those environments and it is so much fun to watch you learn new things. I can't believe you will be in school full days, every day for Junior Kindergarden in just four short months. In some ways I am so excited for you and everything you will learn and do and in some ways I am so sad because I know I will miss you so much.
February 2013
Sam, you love going places -- to church, to the library, to school, on errands, to Conestoga Mall -- you are happiest when we are on the go. But then when we come home you are so good at playing, by yourself or with Rachel. You love to play on the iPad and to watch Mighty Machines DVDs but you also like to play with your trains or trucks. You use your puzzles and other toys with pieces as items in the games you make up. You love to be outside and ride your scooter or your tricycle or dig in the dirt.
April 2009, April 2010
February 2011, March 2012, March 2013

Sam-Sam-Sam, we love you so much and can't wait to see how you grow and change in the coming year.


  1. It is MUCH less overwhelming to choose favorite pictures when you just decide to pick one from each month, right? Glad you felt inspired by yesterday's post! ;)

  2. So cute!! I love four year olds!! :)

  3. He is such a fun little guy!

    1. Most days he is awesome to be around. Other days his stubborn streak (which is just like his mommy's!) comes out :)


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