Sunday, April 07, 2013

Free Friday Afternoon

On Friday my parents took Rachel for the afternoon so I could have some free time. (Okay, I admit it, I asked if they could take Rachel so the "first event" could happen and they offered to keep her until supper.) First of all, I dropped Sam off at preschool and then Janice and I got our long overdue pedicure! And don't we look happy about it?!?!
Janice went for a more sedate reddy-pink for her toes and I went for a "Come on and get here already" Spring green. With sparkles. At least my toes look like Spring!
Then Janice and I went back to her house and had a cup of tea. After I picked Sam up at preschool, we went to the library and he played on the computer for half an hour. They had a Thomas game where you could make the track, drive your train around and then have a celebration. Sam has always enjoyed watching other kids play the games and I think he LOVED being able to play this one himself. I told Sam that next time we had some non-Rachel time we could back to the library and do this again. I was actually impressed that I was entertained for half an hour coaching Sam through this game, although he didn't need much coaching.
 Then we had a fun supper. My parents have become good friends with some of my aunt's friends. And my aunt's friends' daughter and I are in the same bookclub. How is that for random? So we all got together for supper last night and it was a lot of fun. Sam really enjoyed playing with their youngest son and I enjoyed visiting with everyone.

I had a fun Friday afternoon and evening. And I won't write about Friday morning because it was a little crazy, stressful and insane! Thankfully the rest of the day made up for it. Ha ha ha!


  1. I love the green nail polish. I just had my first pedi. They are great! I'm sure it was nice to have time with your friend. The Thomas game looks like a lot of fun!

    1. I LOVE getting pedicures and it's really fun to get them with Janice. It's been a long standing tradition of ours and I love it!

      And yes, the Thomas game was surprisingly interesting :)


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