Saturday, April 06, 2013

A Terrific Tuesday

Originally we didn't think we'd get to spend this past Tuesday with my parents. They were going to be visiting with my aunt but my cousin decided to pop in and visit her mom so my parents ended up back at our house. It was a lovely gift to have the day together. Mom helped me change all the bedding in the house and Dad introduced Sam to new games on the iPhone and iPad. Rachel enjoyed snuggling with Oma in her nice clean bedding.

I had a massage scheduled for that afternoon and Mom and Dad didn't want me coming home and cooking so we went to our favourite burger place -- The Works! -- for supper. We had so much fun and, unlike the last two times, I actually ordered a different burger. Ha ha ha!!!
We got really nice pictures of everyone except for Sam who was being uncooperative. So Dad surreptitiously took some pictures from across the table.
Dave was trying to get a picture of me with my measuring cup full of water and Dad was making fun of how I was posing. So I kept laughing and feeling self-conscious!
Rachel kept wanting to stand in her chair, instead of sitting. Thankfully Oma has endless patience for shenanigans like that.
Dad got the Beverly Hills Lawsuit (egg, leaf spinach, havarti cheese and double smoked bacon) burger, Mom got the LRT (warm leaf spinach, fresh red peppers and goat cheese) and Dave got the Three Ring Binder (three onion rings, sauteed mushrooms, chipotle mayo and gouda cheese) burger. And as I said above, I branched out this time. I got the Grand River (havarti cheese, carmelized onions and avocado) burger Portobello Mushroom Cap. And what did I think of it??? Uhhhh... I think there's a reason I always order the same one. The one which isn't this one. I'll have to decide what to do next time -- try another combo or go for the old favourite. Decisions, decisions...


  1. How was that massage? Aren't they the best? I am ready for another one as soon as I leave the place. I just love with Oma and Opa visit, and I know you do. I know you said you are adopted, but you and your mom just look a lot a like...maybe some things just rub off? Oh and tell Rachel clean sheets are the best! :-)

  2. Great news! I nominated you for another Liebster if you want to participate. Just sharing the love!

  3. Once I find a food I like I tend to always go back to it. It's always such a dilemma trying to decide if I want to try something new or stick with my normal choice. And of course, my normal choice is what tends to win out.


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