Saturday, December 03, 2011

New Mom's Christmas Party

Last night was the New Mom's Christmas party at Jason and Marcia's. It was A LOT of fun! The only downside was that Sheri had a migraine and couldn't make it :(

Before we left we took pictures of us ready to go. Sam looked super-cute in his new shirt and tie. He was very proud of it and kept flipping his tie all night :) Rachel looked adorable in her black velvet dress from Auntie Marcia.

We took pictures of the toddlers. From left to right in the first picture is Aven, Thomas, Saige, Olivia, Kelsey and Sam.

And we took pictures of the babies. From left to right is Simone, Gavin, Rachel, Skylar and Megan.

Sadly, Sam was the only toddler who didn't cooperate with the picture taking, as is evidenced by the picture where he is lying on the ground! Eventually a bribe of stickers had him being a little more willing.

I had a glass of wine. Rachel was a little fussy, likely because of her immunizations that morning and I think Dave had fun too. When we left Sam and Olivia kissed and hugged and hid in the closet. It was so sweet!

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