Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fruit Dip

For those of you visiting from Kelly's blog in December 2013, welcome and thanks for stopping by. Even though I wrote this post two years ago, it still remains my favourite holiday recipe. And I still have no pictures of it :( I'll have to work on that this year!

This is a link-up of holiday recipes from Kelly's Korner and this is my new favourite holiday recipe. My mom makes an awesome fruit dip and last year we had it with fruit on Christmas morning. It was super-yummy and I finally got the recipe from her. I have made it a few times, most recently for a Christmas party for my mom's group. I served it with Christmas oranges (mandarins), strawberries and grapes -- you know, the Christmas colours, fruit-style!


Fruit Dip

1/4c icing sugar
1 package cream cheese (about 8oz)
2T milk
2T liqueur -- amaretto or something similar

(or use 4T milk and 1t vanilla if not using liqueur which is what I always do!)

Mix all ingredients together with a mixer until smooth.

Sorry this is a boring blog post with no pictures :(

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