Friday, December 23, 2011

The last week (or so)

I didn't blog much the past week, or so, because my Grandma Ewert was very sick. We were getting ready to go to Saskatoon and then Grandma died on December 16. Dad called us about five minutes before we were leaving for Saskatoon. So we arrived at the beginning stages of funeral planning and many relatives arriving.

The funeral was on Tuesday, December 20, the day I posted the eulogy. And the days after that have been full of recuperating, celebrating Channukah and preparing for Christmas. And starting Rachel on solids. So far she has had bananas (which she LOVES!) and carrots and apples (which she HATES!). Oh well... Here are some pictures of Rachel attempting solids.
Miss Rachel also got spoiled during the funeral by being held by a lot of people so was not thrilled about not being held after the funeral was over. So Mom and Dad got in touch with their neighbours and they sent over their Jolly Jumper which was Rachel's first go at that. She did pretty well with it and Dave got some awesome pictures of her!

I will try and do some better updating in the last few days of 2011. I need to do Rachel's six-month post and Dave is going to post about Channukah. I think I might also try and re-post some of my favourite 2011 posts. And maybe... just maybe... I will be able to post every day in 2012! Hahahahaha!!!

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