Monday, June 19, 2023

Not Just A Mom: House Rules

I am writing about the Not Just A Mom group's post on "house rules" late because I was so stuck on what our "house rules" actually were. And I remember, from reading the link up, I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one.

We don't have a lot of written rules but here are a few:

1) We always eat supper together. If that means we're eating early (or late) on dance nights, we don't eat without each other. The only exception to this is if someone is eating away from home or if I'm so exhausted, I've gone to bed early. (Yes, I'm the only person who breaks this rule! Ha!)

2) Help out when asked. We don't have specific chores for our kids but this past weekend, Rachel did dishes and Sam did some yard work. We all help out as needed.

3) Given all that though, the kids are responsible for putting away clean dishes and their clean laundry. I think Dave struggles with the dishes one the most because the kids don't always put them away in his preferred timing.

4) Clean out your lunch bag/backpack every night and put them away for the weekend/school breaks. I don't like having our school/work bags out for days when we're not using them.

5) Check in with each other before buying something. Dave and I mostly have this rule for each other and it means we're always talking about what we're purchasing, and why. Sometimes we don't agree with each other, but it helps us to talk it out.

6) School is important but mental health breaks are important too. My kids know that if they really need a day off school, they can ask. There is nothing more important than them feeling like they have permission to take a break when needed. (They don't take many "mental health days" -- maybe 5-6 a year.) 

7) We try not to drive if we can walk. We walk a lot and we specifically live in an area where walking is very possible. It's not always possible to follow this one, but our kids know that walking tends to be our default and (usually) don't complain about it.

8) Be honest. I can't stand it when the kids lie so they know that they will get in trouble twice -- once for whatever they did and once for lying about it. Being truthful is always the better choice.

9) If you need to know the weather, ask me; if you need a bug dealt with, ask Dave!

So after thinking about it for a few months (hahaha!), those are our "house rules." I will have an easier time with the topic of "pet peeves" when I get around to writing that one!!!


  1. Nice job Mama- you are rocking these!

  2. These are great rules, my favorite is number 9.

  3. These are so great and just make sense, reminds me of how I was raised!

  4. I like the last one! I am the bug person in my house though! I also cannot stand lying. My motto is "If you always tell the truth, then you won't get mixed up" (since it can be hard to keep the lies straight but there is only one truth).


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