Wednesday, June 21, 2023

10 On The 10th: June 2023

After a few months of publishing my "10 on the 10th" posts really late, this one feels like it's relatively on time. Hahaha!!! This was a day of yard work and then a fun mother-son evening with Sam.

Our neighbours had told us earlier this spring that they were putting up a fence. What they failed to mention is that the fence would be more of a wall, cut right through our day lily bed, and be 8 feet high. Thankfully, after I cried, they dug up the day lilies for us to try and replant. So this day, Dave and I worked for five hours digging up grass, reclaiming as much soil as we could, and planting a few feet of day lilies. It was a lot of work.
Also, the dirt that came up from digging the holes for the posts ended up on our grass so we had to work through a couple of inches of dirt, then the grass, and then more dirt. It was so frustrating.

Left: Dave trying to figure out where the grass was which needed to be dug up. Right: About five feet of fresh garden bed, ready for day lilies.
Sadly, the fun part was actually planting the day lilies which only took about 3 percent of the time. Most of the time was spent trying to prepare the bed. This is me watering the first part of the bed we planted.

We only got about three feet done on the other side of the existing day lilies when we ran out of time for this day. But we got half the day lilies planted and it looked so much better. Also, the kids basically took care of themselves and did all the dishes this day while Dave and I worked.

Also, instead of celebrating Father's Day this past Sunday, we finished digging up the bed and planting the rest of the day lilies. Whooo hoo?!?!?

For the evening, my union had offered tickets (including a bus ride!!!) to the Toronto FC game. So Sam and I took advantage of it and went. It was a lot of fun!
The red smoke rising from the sign for the field is an indication that the game is about to start. 

What I love is that the soccer stadium is on the shores of Lake Ontario so you can look out across the lake too. It's so pretty. That's not sky in the upper third of the picture - that's the lake. (Okay, maybe there's a bit of sky in this picture!)

It was such a good game and I really enjoyed spending a fun evening with Sam.

 Stay tuned because July 10th is likely to be really fun!!!


  1. The fence doesn't sound too fun but the game does!

  2. What a busy June 10th! Summer is off to a great start before school even ends.

  3. What a little of work but things look great. Hope the lilies thrive. Tall fence!! We have issues with our neighbor's trees as they have grown over the walll separating us. And they drop leaves, flowers and branches into our yard and pool. Would love to install a higher wall between us.

  4. LOVE your Mother Son time- so fun! What a great summer you are having :)


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