Thursday, June 15, 2023

I Spy 2023: Week 23

This is another "I Spy" catch up post. I was hoping to publish this one this past Tuesday so it's not that late.

Let's Play iSpy 2022

Weather – Quarterly

After a few weeks of very hot, very dry weather, we've finally had a few days of rain. Yay! In fact, as I write this post on Tuesday night, it's thundering outside. I took this picture across the field at the school where I work. We've been sooooo happy about all the rain.


Thanks to our neighbour building a huge fence and digging  up the bulk of my day lilies (without consulting us -- sob, cry, gnashing of teeth), Dave and I had to "sharpen" our gardening skills as we expanded the day lily bed along the length of the fence and transplanted them. I *hope* they survive, and you can be sure I will keep you posted on the progress. By the way, we worked for five hours straight on Saturday and got about half done so I will be continuing to "sharpen" my gardening skills this week...

By accident

If you know me even a little bit, you will know that I am not a pet person. Thanks to the fire on our street, our across the street neighbour (who lives next door to the house that burned) has to move out of her house for about a month. So "by accident" we have acquired her bunnies for the foreseeable future. We thought they'd only be here for a few days and then she found out how long it would be until she could move back home. Rachel and Sam are loving having the bunnies around and I am gritting my teeth and living with it... Thankfully, they are outdoor bunnies and Rachel, with some assistance from Dave, is doing the bulk of the care, so that's good.

Starts with N

I didn't really care about the NBA finals but the Denver Nuggets won, and one of their key players is from our city, so it was big news around here for awhile. Plus, I couldn't think of anything else that "starts with 'n.'" 

Your Choice

In a random chain of events, Sam and I got to enjoy yet another Toronto FC game this past weekend. A fun night out with Sam is always "my choice!" 

*week 75 of Lysha's challenge prompts. See her post here.


  1. Love that you are getting to so many games- tis' the season! Enjoy my friend :)

  2. Yay Jamal Murray!! I was sort of cheering for Miami, but glad to see a Canadian win the title.

  3. What a good neighbor you are to take in those bunnies for the foreseeable future. I'm not a pet person either so I get how that would not be an easy thing to do.

  4. Bunnies are such easy, fun pets!!


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