Monday, June 05, 2023

10 On The 10th: May 2023

I haven't been very timely with my "10 on the 10th" posts lately but I am still taking the pictures so I do want to continuing documenting those days. I am at least posting this one for May before June 10th so I am making some progress :) For May, I did something a little different and took ten photos around May 10th, as this was the week of Rachel's big dance performance and she had dance for five nights in a row.

Her dance rehearsals started on May 9th. We took the LRT to the university where her shows were being held. We always walk to the LRT through the cemetery.

Her first dance to rehearse was ballet. She was a Clock Fairy in the ballet, Coppelia. This purple ballet outfit reminded me of her first ballet performance tutu, which was also purple. You can see a picture of her in it here.

Here we are on May 10th, about to catch the LRT back to the university. This time her rehearsals were for her modern dance.

We have so many geese in our city. These two were just hanging out near the theatre. Geese are really mean and hiss at you so we make sure to always give them their space.

Rachel was too exhausted for me to take pictures of her for the next day (May 11th) so the rest of these pictures were taken on May 12th, the night of her first performance. I was volunteering in the main foyer for the whole show so I had lots of opportunities to take photos.
I captured this one of Rachel and her dance bestie. These girls have been dancing together since they were five. Although they don't go to the same school, they also see each other at the pool in summer. Sydney's mom and I now just sign the girls up for all the same dance classes! Next year they'll have at least eight hours of dance a week together, so hopefully they'll continue to like each other :)

Rachel's modern dance was being a Northern Light. She wasn't able to keep the scarf, which is what made the costume really beautiful, so I was glad I was able to capture some pictures of her with it.

One thing I love about dance is the variety of songs they dance too. Her dance for jazz was Secret Agent Man (yes, this one here!) and the theme was "Flashlights." Rachel and her friends ended up calling themselves Spy Kids. Her costume was really cool because it glittered in the dark, which you can't really see here.

It was a fun, exhausting, slightly crazy week of supporting Rachel as she got to see all her hard work come to fruition and perform on stage. I cried watching her dances because I was just so proud of her. I just really love seeing my kids doing something they love to do, and for Rachel, that is absolutely dance.


  1. Just coming off of our recital weekend here- exhausting is the perfect word! Rachel looks fabulous :)

  2. Gabbie's dance friends really grew up together and it's been amazing to see!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful set of dances!


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