Wednesday, December 29, 2021

What's Up Wednesday: December 2021

It's the last What's Up Wednesday of 2021. I don't know if the hosts are publishing today (or at all this month) but I wanted to write anyways. December was mostly exciting as we looked forward to the holidays but, it was also stressful as we wondered how much the Omicron variant would interfere with our plans. It was a month of juggling and cancelling plans and trying to fit in as much fun as possible in amongst all of that.

I should also clarify that, thankfully, we were able to fly to Saskatchewan to spend Christmas with my parents so this is a very "we're on holidays and in Saskatchewan" What's Up Wednesday. (That would also explain why I'm publishing this post so late.)

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What we're eating this week... Mom and Dad cooked and baked all of our favourites so we've been eating lots of jam jams and butter tarts and bacon (for the rest of the family) and Saskatoon berry pie and coffee-hot chocolate with Kahlua and basically all the treats we don't get at home!
My mom also makes a delicious fruit salad every morning.
What I'm reminiscing about... I'm reminiscing about the last time we spent Christmas in Saskatchewan, which was four years ago. It was super cold (like -40 (which is the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit)) and we stayed inside a lot.
That was also the year we surprised the kids with a Disney Cruise for Christmas!

It was soooo cold we basically went out to get this picture and then came straight back in.

We were really looking for fun things to do so we rented those ride on animals at the mall for the kids. We also spent a ton of time sitting by the fire.

What I'm loving... I am loving how relaxed this time has been. We stay up late, we sleep in, we don't care about bedtimes, we've eaten a ton of really good food, we've read lots of books, and it's just been such a treat to have nothing to do.

We've also had five bottles of prosecco this past week! There's been a lot to celebrate :)

What we've been up to... We've gone for walks and we've done a few puzzles. And I've read A LOT of books! It's been very relaxing :)
Completed puzzles

What I'm dreading... I'm dreading the news which might come with Covid numbers rising. Will the kids be doing online learning next week? We don't know yet...
Also, I'm dreading January ice. I really dislike icy season.

What I'm working on... I'm working on nothing. It's been lovely!
What I'm excited about... I'm still excited that we got to spend Christmas with my parents. It was such a great day!
  Sam and Rachel snapped the wishbone the next morning.

What I'm watching/reading...We've watched Home Alone and, other than that, I've been watching this website to see if we might get to see Northern Lights while we're here. We haven't had any luck yet but here's hoping...
Also, yesterday Rachel and I went out to the field at twilight to watch the deer. There are three in this picture at the edge of the bush across the field.

I've been reading all the books. I've read six books in the past week and am a third of a way into a new one. It's really good thus far.
Beasts of Prey
My current read

What I'm listening to... My parents listen to a lot of really beautiful choral Christmas music so I've really been enjoying that.
What I'm wearing... I got the best bunnyhug for Christmas! I LOVE it!!! And Janice crocheted matching toques for Rachel and I for Christmas. So we've been getting a lot of use out of them.
What I'm doing this weekend... Recovering from the holidays and getting ready to start work and school on Monday. This time has gone way too fast. We'll also probably go for some walks and I want to bake buns.

What I'm looking forward to next month... January tulips!!! And we're getting some awesome neighbours around mid-month. Stay tuned...!!!

What else is new... I think I've pretty much covered it. See you all in January!


  1. It sounds like you have had a really relaxing, wonderful Christmas vacation!

  2. DEER!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!! :)

    This all looks grand, delightful, relaxing, and wonderful in every way.

    Have you seen the new Home Alone? One of our tenants wanted us to stream it this year and I went into it determined NOT to like it, because I'm a purist about movies like this, but you know? It was actually pretty funny!!

    Happy New Year!

  3. So glad you got this special, relaxing time visiting your parents!

  4. Oh your parents cooking for you sounds divine! That field is beautiful and it must have been so magical watching the deer!

  5. I'm happy that you got to go on your trip! We also did, with all the news about omicron making it difficult to enjoy without worrying. I love that hoodie!

  6. I'm so happy you got to visit your parents for Christmas!! It must have been all the sweeter this year. We have two bottles of prosecco for New Year's Eve, cheers!


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