Wednesday, December 15, 2021

#AMonthofFaves: Underrated Books We Think Deserve More Buzz

Today on #AMonthofFaves with Kim and Tanya at GirlXOXO, we're talking about books we think more people should read. I don't have great measures for defining "buzz." I guess I'm just surprised I'm not seeing more people on Instagram, and in blog world, reading these books. If you haven't read them, I think you are definitely missing out.

Also, I'm cheating a bit on this post as I've already written about all these books on the blog. Thus, I'm just taking my original thoughts and re-posting them. You can see that for almost every book I said, "You should read it!"

Firekeeper's Daughter

I thought this book was so good. I loved how it was true to First Nations' culture and talked about the divide between the white community and the First Nations community. In some ways this was a murder-mystery book but it was also so much more. I would recommend this book to everyone.

The One

This book was so good. I really liked most of the stories, except for the one about the murderer, although that one did raise some interesting questions. There is either a lot to say about this book, or I can't say much at all because I don't want to ruin it. Let's just leave it as, this is a book which will stick with me for awhile and I think a lot of people should read it.

We Ride Upon Sticks

This was pretty much the only book I read during the readathon. But it was sooooo good. It will definitely be in my top books of this quarter. I loved the 80s references. I loved the mix of sports and mysticism. I think everyone should read this book because it was just so fun! It's not a book which will generate a lot of discussion but read it anyways!

I'll Be There for You: The One about Friends

I picked this book up because I love Friends. After reading this book, I think I love the series even more. I didn't expect this book to be so political but I thought the author did an excellent job of putting Friends in the context of the time it was representing, but also shining a light on its flaws and what it could have done better. It just made me want to watch the whole series again. This book may have a niche audience but it is so good.

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know

For my Blog Friends' Book Club, not once has one of us not read the entire book. However, due to some miscommunication, I hadn't read this book the night before we were supposed to meet. Everyone graciously re-scheduled so that I could read it and I'm so glad they did. This book was hilarious, pointed, and I thought it was sooooo good. I love how Grant used examples from his own life to show his points, I loved how he challenged people kindly (and hilariously) to re-examine their assumptions -- I just loved it all. This will likely be one of the books I highlight again at the end of September as one of the best books I read this quarter. You should read it too!


My original thoughts on George: I didn't realize this was a book for younger readers. However, I thought it was such a good story about a younger transgender person and I'm getting both Sam and Rachel to read it. Every once in awhile they mention someone they know who "wants to change their gender" so I do think kids are more aware of these issues these days then I was when I was a kid. I want Sam and Rachel to know how to be allies for these kids. (Edited to add: The title of George will be changing to Melissa sometime in 2022.)

My original throughts on Rick: I didn't know Alex Gino had more books out until Sam showed this to me at the library. "Hey Mommy, here's another book by that author." We both read it and I really liked this one. I really want Gino to write more books about pre-teens exploring their gender/sexual identity. I liked that while this book had some of the same characters as George, it was a fresh story.

The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett 

This was a really great book which made me think about a little bit about death, how I want to grow old, and how I want to die. This may sound slightly depressing but it really wasn't. The characters were quirky in the best way. It reminded me a little bit of A Man Called Ove and I would highly recommend it.

Felix Ever After 

This was one of the group reads of the readathon and I'm so glad I was introduced to this book. It's a YA story of love, discovery, and betrayal. It made me cry and it made me laugh and it was heartbreaking and heartwarming. And it made me think about how I would parent if one of my kids is transgender. It was interesting to read a YA book and relate more to the parent. Not that I agreed with the parent, but I could understand his feelings.

So let me know -- have you heard of any of these books? (Besides from my blog, that is.) Have you read any of them? Do you agree with my thoughts? There is not much I love more than a good book discussion, so let me know what you think.


  1. Firekeeper's Daughter, Eudora Honeysett, and Felix Ever After are among my faves!

  2. The Friends book sounds cool! I loved George, so powerful!

  3. Firekeeper's Daughter won a Goodreads award! So I think 2022 will be that one's year! :)

  4. I read Think Again this year too and really enjoyed it.

  5. Oh I definitely need to pick up that Friends book now! Can't wait!

  6. I absolutely second ALL of this (or at least, the ones I read). Firekeeper's daughter was eventually a top 10 on Goodreads 2021 list so it eventually gained its fame, but not at the time we were reading it. I will definitely read "We ride upon sticks" but I'm worried about not getting the 80s references (having been born in 1985, I don't remember much from that decade except The Little Mermaid).


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