Monday, December 13, 2021

#AMonthofFaves: A Weekend In The Life And 10 On The 10th (Sort Of)

My blog post wins today for not only trying to combine two things into one (10 On The 10th and #AMonthofFaves) but also for the world's longest blog post title! Hahaha! Sometimes, blogging life is like that. Also, as I said on Friday, I thought this #AMonthofFaves prompt was for today and not this past Friday, so I'm a little late with this one. As always, I'm linking up with Kim and Tanya at GirlXOXO. And to be extra confusing, not all of these pictures were taken on the 10th (Friday). I find it's hard to do a "10 on the 10th" on a weekday when I spend most of the day at work where I don't like to take pictures.

Anyways, here is a weekend in our life as described through ten pictures. Are you confused yet?

This is Rachel shoveling on Friday morning. It was before 7am. She had Funny Bunny under her arm as "he was helping shovel." Additionally, these past three days we had the weirdest weather. Please note all the snow in this picture.

For a variety of reasons, I hadn't been to work in a few days. My coworker welcomed me back with an amazing drink from Tim Horton's -- a white hot chocolate chai tea latte. It was soooo good. And then the office staff ordered Thai for lunch. We do this once in awhile on Fridays. The Pad Thai is so good and I had leftovers for a few lunches this weekend.

I am a Senior Youth sponsor at our church. Friday night was our Christmas gift exchange. We had a really fun time and I ended up with walkie talkies for the kids. We also played a really fun game. As I left church I saw the Santa train pulling into the station, which was exciting.

On Saturday morning, Dave and the kids went to the synagogue for the Religious School Channukah party. I stayed home, got some blogging done, drank coffee-hot chocolate, and folded five baskets of laundry while listening to Christmas music. It was so nice to have a quiet morning at home.

In the afternoon, Dave and I filled the Chariot up with items to donate and walked 7.75km (almost 5 miles) to the thrift store and back. Remember all the snow Rachel and I shoveled on Friday morning?!? Well, when Dave and I went for our walk it was 15C (60F) and we were in our sweatshirts. We were also windblown because it was super windy, with gusts up to 60km/hr (almost 40mph). You can see how windblown my hair is. At points, it was so windy, all we could do was laugh!!! By the time we got home, my Fitbit had clocked 125 floors, thanks to all the wind.
We got home, had some downtime, made supper, and then Sam was off to a Jr Youth event at church. Rachel and I took down the Channukah decorations and put up a few Christmas ones. (A full decoration post is coming on Friday.) I also addressed the last of our holiday cards. Then we finally started a Christmas puzzle we bought a few weeks ago.
Sunday morning, I woke up, made a coffee-hot chocolate, and got back to the puzzle. Rachel and I finished it before church. I forgot to take a picture at church but it's been sooooo great to be back in person this fall. I hope we can continue to meet in person in the winter, despite the omicron variant... (Also, if you're keeping track, this was the third time someone in our family was at church and the fourth time we attended a faith event within 36 hours :) Welcome to interfaith life in December!)

On Sunday afternoon Dave and I ran a bunch more errands. Thankfully it wasn't nearly as windy and we got a pleasant 6km (3.75 miles) walk in. We got more ground coffee, some gifts for Sam, went to the library, and picked up a few grocery items. I tried to take a selfie at the library but it was too sunny and my eyes were practically shut. Thus you get this really arty, shadow selfie! Hahaha!!!

Dave and I on the path, heading home, after a very successful errand walk. Then I did some more blogging and made French Onion Soup for supper. Dave headed back to church (yep, again!) for a music group he is a part of and the kids and I headed off to bed for an evening of reading and early bedtimes. Only five more days of work and school before the Winter Break and we are so ready for it -- the break, not this week :)

So that was a mid-December weekend in our life. It didn't feel all that busy but when I write it all out, we sure had a lot going on!


  1. What an awesome coworker! Sounds like you are having fun AND getting so much done which is awesome :)

  2. I was totally thinking how busy it must be with all the holiday events this month!

  3. That was lots of fun! The wind was crazy for sure! We need to get our puzzle out now too.

  4. The weather swings have been so crazy lately!!

  5. We have had crazy weather swings too; but not quite that crazy! It sounds like a busy, fun, and productive weekend.

  6. It was fun reading about your weekend!

  7. I'm trying to figure out how the FitBit translates wind resistance into flights of stairs? I think of stairs as an elevation change, or does the FitBit convert steps automatically to stairs? So many questions!


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