Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Currently: December 2021

It's time for a "Currently..." link up with Anne at in residence. I'm a little sad that Anne is taking a (completely understandable) hiatus from this link up in the new year. I will miss it. I might have to go back and blog some of her past prompts since I really only started linking up about a year and a bit ago. It looks like Anne started "Currently..." in April 2014 (or so) so I have some catching up to do :) Anyways, on with this month's prompts.

Edited to add: Anne is going to continue the link up in January (YAY!!!) while taking a break from reading all the blogs (again, completely understandable. I didn't write much at all on the blog the year Sam was born, and he was my first child.). Thank you Anne!


I'm excited that, although it was snowing this past Sunday, it wasn't a cold snow and I was still able to get all the outside decorating done. The indoor Christmas and Channukah decorations have been sitting on the couch for a few days so I need to get on those but at least our outside looks festive :)

I'm also really happy that my mom was here to make our Advent wreath. It looks beautiful and I wish she was here every Advent to make our wreaths. Next year it will be back to my sad attempts at pretending to be a floral designer. Ha!
You can't tell from our piano/menorah areas, but we haven't finished our Channukah decorating yet. However, I just have a few more decorations to put up and we leave them up a few days past Channukah so we'll have time to enjoy them yet.
Edited to add: We hung a few more decorations before we lit the candles last night so I think our Channukah decorating is now done. Whooo hooo!!!


Predominantly, I am feeling so very grateful. Rachel got vaccinated last week and it's such a relief to have that process started.

We were also able to have our walking of the labyrinth at church happen in person and I cried so many tears of joy watching the kids be able to partake in this meaningful tradition again.

I'm also so grateful we were able to participate in the menorah lighting ceremony in our public square. 

I'm also feeling simultaneously excited that we will get to see Rachel perform Nutcracker in person this coming weekend but at the same time, I'm also a little overwhelmed by everything we need to do to help this happen.


Last Friday night we watched a Hallmark movie and addressed our holiday cards. Our family either sends out our cards in a timely fashion or super-late, like February or March! I'm thrilled that this year we are sending them in a timely fashion. 


Since we don't have a range hood in our kitchen, it's very easy to set off our fire alarm when cooking. Thus, Dave grills the latkes outside. It was amazing to step outside on Sunday afternoon and smell the latkes! And they tasted just as good as they smelled.


Well, I'm not wrapping anything but Dave sure will be! We went shopping for a few hours on Friday afternoon and completed almost all of our Channukah and Christmas shopping. For the past couple of nights, we've just thrown the kids' gifts into gift bags. However, Dave will have to do some wrapping over these next few weeks. And, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I hate wrapping so I make Dave do it all!  

So that's what's up with us for December. And I realize this is a bit of a repeat of my last post (which you can read here), but so much of what is happening right now makes me so very happy and I just want to savour it all.


  1. Yeah for vaccines! I hope you are having a wonderful Hannukah!

  2. Good for you having a husband who will wrap. Ricky is THE WORST AT IT - THE WORST. I cant handle how he even cuts the paper off the roll.
    I know you feel such relief to know your kiddos are getting some protection now from that virus!

  3. Your moms advent wreath looks great. i am sure yours does too. I dont do the wrapping either.

  4. Grilled that is something!! The labyrinth sounds so peaceful.

  5. I bet those latkes smell delicious! How wonderful that your husband wraps for you; my husband has such a hard time with wrapping anything but he'd happily throw anything into a gift bag for me.

  6. I'm super confused how there can be a snow that isn't a cold snow? If there are flakes in the air in Texas, it's a cold snow. ;) I agree - this time of year is so wonderful, I love savoring it all!

  7. Those latkes look so good! It sounds like you've been busy! I am working on getting my holiday cards addressed now. Good for you for having it done already!

  8. Your card arrived today!! Our first one. Lovely photo of all of you.

  9. That's great your daughter was able to get vaccinated!
    I'm not a good wrapper either. LOL

    Lauren @

  10. I think next year I may have to attempt the latkes outside. The inside smell is just... gross! I think it's so funny that Dave does the wrapping! My father-in-law also wraps every gift which makes me chuckle because my mother-in-law seems so meticulous... except in gift wrapping. I personally LOVE to wrap gifts and most of ours are done already. As long as there is one gift-wrapper per household, that's all you need!

  11. Those latkes look delicious! How wonderful that you are able to celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah over this season!

  12. The Hanukkah decorating looks beautiful!


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