Tuesday, December 07, 2021

One Sentence A Day: November 2021

In my October What's Up Wednesday post, I talked about how much I dread November. Well, read on to see why November was not near as bad as I was anticipating. Yay for setting a low bar which was really easy for this month to clear :)

1 - Monday -- After work I tried to deal with some of the post-Halloween chaos and was moderately successful!

2 - Tuesday -- I went for a run and then made a really yummy supper -- baked sausage and sweet potato wedges and steamed broccoli.

3 - Wednesday -- It was Blog Friends' Book Club night!

It was also housecleaning night -- yay!

4 - Thursday -- We got haircuts today which always makes it a good day.

5 - Friday -- We enjoyed a walk to the library, a quick supper out, and then we got flu shots.

6 - Saturday -- Dave and I took turns being out of sorts this day, I had to order my lunch three times before the restaurant got it right, and I couldn't wait for the day to end.

7 - Sunday -- This was the best day with doing lots of yard work, ordering our seasonal matching pajamas, and getting lots of things done!

Dave and I even fit a run in.

8 - Monday -- I worked, I made carrot-dill soup for supper, and I folded laundry.

9 - Tuesday -- After work I got some much needed Costco errands done and didn't get hit by a crazy driver. (Second sentence: Some people need to slow down and leave more space when changing lanes/passing.)

10 - Wednesday -- It was the 10th of the month so this day was well documented here.

11 - Thursday -- Dave was gone for the afternoon and part of the evening so the kids and I walked to pick up supper and I heard a lot about what is going on at school for them, which I loved.

12 - Friday -- We watched two Hallmark Christmas movies and enjoyed playing Hallmark Movie Bingo!

13 - Saturday -- We got family photos taken this day and saw Dave's aunt and uncle for the first time in three years.

14 - Sunday -- I baked oatmeal raisin cookies for Sam (I despise them) and dealt with a rotting pumpkin.

15 - Monday -- I got a massage and it was amazing!

16 - Tuesday -- I made vegetarian beef stew which was delicious and went to bed early.

17 - Wednesday -- I was very grumpy today for no good reason.

18 - Thursday -- I wasn't feeling well so I stayed home from work, watched a movie, baked cookies, and ordered our holiday cards.

19 -- Friday -- It was my first professional development day at work and then I rushed home to see my parents!!!

We had a delicious lunch at work and one of my co-workers brought me fresh eggs!

20 -- Saturday -- My mom and dad were here all day and Mom and I went for a walk to pick up Rachel from her dance filming.

We had yummy Beef & Guinness Stew for supper 

and we broke out the matching family pjs for the year.

21 - Sunday -- We did a puzzle, Rachel had more dance, and we had a great day with my mom and dad.

22 - Monday -- We bought the kids new winter boots and had pizza for supper.

23 - Tuesday -- This was a crazy day at work as one of our buses got in an accident. (More sentences: Thankfully, no one was hurt but it necessitated a lot of phone calls and paperwork.)

24 - Wednesday -- This was another crazy work day as the regular head secretary was off and we had more bus issues at work.

25 - Thursday -- It was my last day to work at a school I'd been working at since June which was hard, but the day ended with Rachel getting her first Covid vaccine and walking the labyrinth at church.

26 - Friday -- I worked a half day, Dave and I got all our holiday shopping done, and we had our holiday card addressing extravaganza in the evening!!!

27 - Saturday -- My mom and dad were back for the weekend and Mom and I went on a very long walk to do some errands.

28 - Sunday -- It was a busy day of decorating and preparing for the first night of Channukah.

29 - Monday -- We celebrated the second night of Channukah with a cozy theme :)

30 - Tuesday -- I enjoyed a hot shower, hot soup, and hot tea on a cold day.

On Sunday at church we were talking about when certain things had happened in the past two years and I commented that I'd been participating in this link up since January of 2020 so had everything documented. I'm so thankful for these posts because they help me remember every day, even the really hard ones.

As always, I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo and the other Sentence A Day bloggers.


  1. Your latkes look SO GOOD as does that beef and guinness stew- yum! What a great month!

  2. So tell me about your Blog friends book clue - how do you do it???
    Your family picture... that is a perfect picture!!! Such a lovely family!!!

  3. I like having these posts to look back and keeping track of when things happened too! Looks like you had a great month.

  4. Your month was busy but didn't seem too bad at all. Love this year's pjs & the family pictures & the eggs too. We get eggs monthly that look just about like that. I've been doing the SaD for just over a year now & it's been fun/interesting to look back from time to time. I recently looked back to see what we had done last Dec. Karen


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