Saturday, December 11, 2021

I Spy: Week 49

HOW are there only three weeks left of this I Spy challenge?!?!?! I have so enjoyed linking up with Lysha at A Camera and A Cookbook. And I've also really enjoyed getting to know the other I Spy bloggers. We're a small but committed group.

Let's Play iSpy 2021


It is hard to capture a picture of falling snow as it "sparkles" in the streetlights but imagine little shimmering diamonds falling to the ground and that is what was happening this night.

 {starts with J}

Is a Christmas stocking even complete without "jingle bells"? My mom would say "No!" Especially for the kids.


We may have "lit" the menorahs late for the eighth night of Channukah but we did eventually mark it.


All of our previously "used" stuff, which is still in good condition, gets taken to the thrift store. I am so excited to get this pile of donations out of our house this afternoon!

{your choice}


Since we won't be celebrating Christmas at home this year, we didn't put up a live tree, but we couldn't have no tree at all. Thus, we constructed a book tree. Someone plugs in the lights every morning and I just love the soft glow.


  1. I love your book tree! I was trying to get a photo of our snow in the day to capture that sparkling/diamond look but just could not get it to show like it does to the naked eye.

  2. What a great idea - your book tree! I love how you captured the snow and your lit menorah are so pretty. CarolG

  3. The book tree is a wonderful idea! Good capture for the sparkle picture!

  4. Oh my gosh that book tree is perfect especially for YOU! Love it!


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