Tuesday, July 06, 2021

One Sentence A Day: June 2021

Welcome to One Sentence A Day for June. This month started off so badly. On June 2, after weeks of being in limbo, we found out our kids were not going to be able to return to in person learning this year. This was really hard and sad for our whole family :( However, after that, the month got much better.

1 - Tuesday -- This was a hard day as we awaited news of whether or not schools would re-open and everyone was mad. (More sentences: Really, we're mad at Covid and the government but take it out on each other. I talked with a couple of friends today who are mad and frustrated too so it's not just us.)

2 - Wednesday -- Sadly, we found out for sure that school would be online for the rest of the year :(

3 - Thursday -- I got a massage for the first time since March (whooo hoooo!!!) and Dave ended the evening with a foot injury (boooooo).

4 - Friday -- I worked for a few hours, Rachel and I did the grocery trip to end all grocery trips, and we celebrated our neighbour's first birthday at the cutest party!

5 - Saturday -- We enjoyed the best beach day!!!

6 - Sunday -- This was not the most fun post-beach day but we did enjoy a few hours with our best friends in the afternoon.

And I tried the mustard and watermelon trend and thought it was "not bad." 

7 - Monday -- We went on a family bike ride to get a red onion and it was chaos, and we enjoyed an evening visit with neighbours who were hanging out on the street.

8 - Tuesday -- I learned how to use an electric air pump to inflate soccer balls, basketballs, and playground balls. (Second sentence: My job is sooooo fun!)

9 - Wednesday -- I found out my current school job is ending as of next week which I'm okay with because it gives me a couple of weeks at home to get things done while the kids are still "in school." (read: "doing online learning at home.")

10 - Thursday -- It was a really busy day at work and then I weeded and planted the front bed (finally!).

11 - Friday -- I had Friday afternoon off so Dave and I cleaned the living room and our bedroom, we walked to the library, and we enjoyed the first swim of the year at the pool!!!

12 - Saturday -- This was an exhausting day with lots of walking, but Rachel and I did enjoy a few hours of hiking with her best friend and her mom.

13 - Sunday -- This was another full day but we fit in a swim and Dave and the kids played tennis!

14 - Monday -- Sam had his first baseball practice of the season and I LOVED watching him getting to do his thing again.

15 - Tuesday -- It was a full day of work, an evening meeting, and our first CSA pickup of the season!!!

Local sausages and grilled romaine from our CSA!

16 - Wednesday -- I ran some errands, tried a new recipe for supper (meatball subs) and had an evening walk with Rachel where we ran some more errands and took some fun pictures :)

17 - Thursday -- HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY RACHEL!!!

18 - Friday -- It was a full day of tea with my best friend, a small birthday party for Rachel, and my second vaccine!!!

19 - Saturday -- We participated in an Amazing Race through our library and our uptown business association and then I crashed with vaccine side effects for the rest of the day.

20 - Sunday -- We had one very grumpy family member and the key to the day was "survive until bedtime."

21 - Monday -- I enjoyed a rainy day at home to catch up on blogging (both reading blogs and writing posts) and then I enjoyed watching Sam's ball practice in the evening.

22 - Tuesday -- I got called in for a job at another school the previous night so I walked to work and back, walked to pick up our CSA, processed our CSA, and then I was done for the day. (More sentences: At 8:30 that night it turned into a "rest of the week" job.)

23 - Wednesday -- I worked, Rachel and Sam had their last day of synchronous learning for the school year, Rachel and I went on a long errand walk, and I ended the day with Blog Friends' Book Club!

Dave started off the morning with getting his second Covid vaccine!!!

24 - Thursday -- Sam graduated from Grade 6 this day. (Second sentence: This was his last year of elementary school. Next year he's off to middle school for two years. Yikes.)

25 - Friday -- It was (possibly) my last day of work for the school year and I got a mug from the school I was working at :) (Second sentence: Spoiler alert: It was not my last day of work for the school year!)

26 - Saturday -- It was a very rainy day and I had a headache and so slept until past noon.

27 - Sunday -- Today was a bit of a runaround day but it ended with unexpectedly getting a second vaccine appointment for Sam!!!

28 - Monday -- I was back at the school this day and then exhausted this evening due to heat and the end of the school year.

And it was officially the kids' last day of school for the year!

29 - Tuesday -- It was a full day of work and I finished off my "morning" coffee at 3:15pm :) (Second sentence: Also, it was my and Dave's 13th anniversary but we decided to postpone marking it until next week due to craziness.)

The kids woke up at 7:15 so we could kick off our summer with our "strawberries and ice cream" breakfast tradition before I had to go to work. Now that's dedication (from the kids!).

30 - Wednesday -- It was finally my last day of work before summer vacation and I ended the evening reading at the baseball diamond.

Sam was soooo excited that not only is his good friend back from living in the Yukon for a few years, but they're also on the same baseball team this summer!!! Here they are playing catch before their practice this night.
So that was our June. It ended being a full, but pretty good month. We had no idea when June started, that Sam, Dave, and I would all be fully vaccinated by the month's end. Now we're looking forward to July and all that this first month of summer vacation brings us.
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  1. You had a busy month! Hurray for 3/4 of you being vaccinated!!

  2. Yeah for vaccines and the end of school- love how there is already so much summer joy in these pics too!

    1. There were a surprising amount of summer vibes in June!

  3. I hadn't heard about the watermelon mustard trend. That seems...interesting.

    1. I thought it was okay but you really have to like mustard!

  4. Wow! What a busy month, but it sounds like a lot of fun too.

  5. WHOO HOOO for vaccines! & birthday celebration & school over - lots of good things!
    & a massage??? I'm jealous!!!

  6. That is so crazy about the school year. Has your district made any decisions about the 2021/2022 school year?
    Looks like your summer break is off to a good start! -M

  7. So bummed that you had to finish out the school year virtually but it sounds like you had a fun and full month despite that.

    1. We were bummed about this too, especially since it was Sam's last year at that school, but once we had certainty about that, it did absolutely make the rest of the month easier.

  8. My daughter is currently isolating with her children aged almost 5 and 2 as her husband tested positive on Tuesday (despite having had both vaccines months ago) and she will totally understand that comment 'survive until bedtime'!
    Let's hope that the school year is much more back to normal after the summer break.

    1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's situation. I hope her husband is okay.

  9. Seems like yall all deserved that fun beach day after being grumpy at each other all week. We took the Grands to the lake while they were visiting & they all said that was one of their best fun activities. Really, mustard & watermelon, never heard of that one. One of the Grands put salt on his apple slices like some do to watermelon. I really like your "survive until bed time" reasoning & think I'll use it when someone is having grumpy day. Happy Anniversary!

    1. The beach day was absolutely a joyful occasion after such a rough week. And I'll have to try apple slices and salt!

  10. Back when I used to teach the end of the school year, kicked my tail. So exhausting. So much to do for everyone! Both my kids and in my classroom.

  11. You are the third person who has mentioned watermelon with mustard. I see you suggested that you have to really like mustard to really like this. Thinking maybe I would be okay with honey mustard. Will try it before the summer is out.

    Glad for everyone's vaccinations. Feels so freeing!! Bravo!

    Have never heard of grilled romaine either. Do you do anything to the lettuce before putting it on the fire? I would like to try that, too. Had purchased some romaine to use as taco shells for shrimp tacos. Could grill it instead.

    Looks like you had a great June. Hope July is turning out to be just as wonderful.


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