Thursday, July 22, 2021

My Personal #24in48

This past weekend I held my own #24in48 readathon. This is the readathon where participants try to read for 24 out of 48 hours. The official one isn't being held this summer, but I like to get a lot of reading done in a short chunk of time so I held my own. It's kind of like a guy from our church who has run four marathons by himself during Covid because he misses running actual marathons -- it's kind of like that for me, without the running! Hahaha! Anyways, on with what I actually read.

Dark in Death (In Death, #46)

I've been doing a re-read of the last books of the In Death series. While I have read the first books many times, the last ten or eleven books I've only read once or twice. So I started reading them again last week and have already devoured six of them. The In Death books are easy reads for me, and a good readathon book because they keep me interested.

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane

Despite the fact that this is an older book, I hadn't read it yet. It make me want to drink lots of tea (although I really only like black (and some herbal) tea)! I loved this story and I loved how it ended. And I was almost finished with it when I started my readathon so only read the last 150 pages or so during my official #24in48.

Last Summer at the Golden Hotel

This book was a fun summer read. Without giving too much away, I LOVED how it ended. It also made me want to spend a summer in the Catskills! This was a fun family drama without being too crazy.

Leverage in Death (In Death, #47)

Yes, I read another JD Robb In Death book. This one made me think about what I would do to save my husband and kids. It was a hard one to read in some ways, although still not too heavy.

The Black Flamingo

I didn't realize that this book was a novel told in poem form. It was so good and I highly recommend this story about a gay teenager who finds his gender expression fits best by dressing in drag. As with World War II books (stick with me here!), I am so intrigued by all the different stories there are to tell about the LGBTQ2S+ experience. ("All the different stories" is how this relates to WWII, in my head.)

All Together Now: A Newfoundlander's Light Tales for Heavy Times

I LOVED this book. However, if you are not Canadian, or not a Great Big Sea fan, you may not love this book. However, any book which talks about the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Tim Hortons, and traveling on the London Tube is a winner in my book! When I finished laughing my way through this book, I made Dave read it. And he's not necessarily a reader and he read it in two days.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown (The Brown Sisters, #3)

I was happy to read the third book in the Brown Sisters trilogy. I like how Hibbert writes neurodiverse main characters. This is another blind spot in my reading and I would like to remedy that.

The Lost Apothecary

Okay, you know how when a book is so hyped up that by the time you actually get around to reading it, it kind of falls flat. Remember how The House In The Cerulean Sea lived up to the hype for me? Well, this book did not live up to the hype. I thought it was good, but really, I feel like it was just cloaked as a more literary murder mystery book. I don't understand why everyone loved it. If you loved it, please let me know why. I didn't hate it -- I just don't understand why everyone is so excited about it.

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy

This is another book which I want Sam to read. I thought it was so good. I loved how Acho set up his chapters with a hook to get you interested, a "Let's Rewind" piece to explain some of the background, a "Let's Get Uncomfortable" piece to point out the issues with whatever topic he had introduced, and then a "Talk It, Walk It" section getting into what we can individually do to change things. I am so excited to read his version of this book for adults.

I also read about fifty pages of Stamped From The Beginning but since I didn't finish it, I'm not reviewing it here.

In case you missed it yesterday, here is the official stack of books I read during the readathon, along with my official time on the timer. Since I didn't read all of Stamped... or all of The Tea Girl... they are standing up to show I only read parts of them during the readathon.
So, would you ever do a #24in48 readathon? Or a marathon of another sort? Are you intrigued enough to check out any of the books I read? Do you have a convincing argument to change my perspective on any of the books (I'm looking at you The Lost Apothecary.)? Let me know below!


  1. Wow! What an amazing accomplishment! You are an inspiration

  2. I loved the end of Last Summer At The Golden Hotel too!

  3. Oo "The Black Flamingo" sounds wondeful!

  4. I do that with books hyped up too... but I really did enjoy the Lost Apothecary. I just loved the background of the ancient story... mixed in with the current. It just worked for me.

  5. I would LOVE to do a 24in48 but need the kids to be older or be gone. Brent isn't as supportive as Dave to take care of the kids as much haha. Maybe I need a hotel room for the weekend?

  6. I started to read Tea Girl for a book club a few years ago but I don't remember if I finished it.


  7. I love the In Death series and typically read those books quite quickly too. I also thought Golden hotel made summer in the Catskills sound so fun and sweet.

  8. Your enthusiasm for The House in the Cerulean Sea has bumped it up on my list of to-read titles. Thought Apothecary sounded good and love that cover. Glad to read your feelings about it.


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