Monday, July 05, 2021

Be It Resolved: July 2021

So I never did get an update on my May goals, or my new June goals, posted last month. That's why I'm deciding that my July goals are the second thing I'm posting this month :) So first, let's recap how May went.

1) Pick out April pictures for calendar.

April * May * June

I didn't quite get this one done until mid-June but then I also picked out May pictures, and I'm already done picking out June's pictures so I'm totally counting this as a win!!! Hahaha!!!

2) Edge around all the beds in our yard.
We got quite a bit of yard work done in May and I was very pleased with all of it. I just need to work on the hosta bed under our tree in our front yard and finish up the day lily bed. And then stay on top of all the trimming. Ha! The yard work continued in June but I still need to finish the hosta bed and the day lily bed. Ugh.

I'm especially excited I got the garage bed edged because that thing is usually the last one to get done. I feel so on top of things because it's already been done once this year!

3) Clean the car -- Armor All, vacuum, etc. 
We accomplished this task mid-May and then, because the inside of the car was so clean, we took it for a car wash! We forced everyone to come, paid for the "fancy car wash," and it was a fun family outing! Hahaha!

4) Hand wash the tablecloth from Christmas. Iron out the wax from the place mat.

Yes, this got done. Whoooo hooo!!! Sometimes I just need to put it on my monthly goals.

5) Figure out some exciting cold lunches.

I'm pretty sure I have some pictures but I can't find them right now. I did figure out some non-cheese sandwich cold lunches. I realized cold lunches are much easier in the spring/summer when I am happier to eat salads every day. I ate pasta salad, chickpea salad, cold spiced lentils on lettuce -- I had some good lunches the last few months of school.

6) No post-supper snacking.

I feel like I did really well at this one and I continued it in June. I think I will keep it up in general because not snacking after supper is better for me.

7) Go through my iPhone pictures and delete some.

My iPhone pictures are in a much better spot. Now I need to work on getting photos off my phone and onto my computer in a consistent manner.

8) Explore our city's Taco Trail!


We went to four different taco places (including somewhere which served ice cream tacos) before we got tired of eating tacos every week! It was a fun way to spend May :)

9) Try some focaccia bread art.

I had so much fun making these fancy focaccia breads. Now that I'm on summer break, I want to make a few others ones I've seen :)

And now for some July goals. I'm making a slightly ambitious list of July goals because I know I'm home all month and I don't have to work. Whooo hooo!!!

1) Go through my clothes and get things to the thrift store. I'm sure I have some clothes I could get rid of making a little more space in my drawers and closet. It's time for anything I haven't worn in awhile to leave our house.

2) Clean behind our stove. I'm not even taking pictures of this area but let's just say, there will be 1000% less dirt in our house when this is dealt with.

3) Get 10,000 steps on my FitBit every day. I've had a lack of exercise in my life lately so I really want to add some exercise into my July.

4) Do crunches every night. I wonder what doing nightly crunches will do for my stomach... Will it make a difference? There's only one way to find out...

5) Implement an "I'm bored" jar. I read about this in a "Currently" post (I think) and I really like this idea. Basically, you fill a jar with ideas (some fun, some chores) and when kids say, "I'm bored" they have to pick something out of the jar and do it. You might get to do a fun art project or you might have to dust the living room!

6) Put together an information binder. My blog friend Bekah wrote a whole series of posts about gathering handy information in one place in case of emergencies. I thought it was a brilliant idea and want to set about doing it this summer. You can read the first post in her series here. And I don't think this information is helpful only in case of unexpected death -- I've read too many news articles about people having five minutes to evacuate their home in the case of impending disaster and this could be useful for that too.

7) Get in a good sunscreen habit. I am so bad at putting sunscreen on in the summer. So bad at it. I need to get better at this.

8) Get out for family bike rides. Try for four in July. Rachel desperately wants our family to go for bike rides and we just never do. It's time to make this a priority. And yes, Dave will have to come too :)

From the summer of 2019 -- way too long ago!

9) Have a food truck date with Dave. Or maybe even two :) The kids don't get super excited about food trucks but Dave and I LOVE them. So it's time to leave the kids at home with peanut butter sandwiches for supper and get the two of us to some food trucks. Hahaha!!!

10) Read Stamped From The Beginning. I've been wanting to read this book forever and I finally bought it. Now it's been sitting on my TBR for about six months. I'm going to implement my friend Emily's method, figure out how many pages I need to read per day to get it finished (511 pages divided by 31 days), and dive in.

Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America

11) Catch up on blog reading and responding to my blog comments. Since I worked pretty much every day in May and June, I got really behind on all my blog reading. I have so many posts to catch up on. And I have a ton of comments I want to respond to. It's time to set some time aside each day to make blogging a priority again. I've been doing okay with getting posts written but not so much on all the other stuff.

12) Except for food truck dates, try not to eat out. We ate out way too much in May and June thanks to both Dave and I working full-time. It was not great. It's time to menu plan and stick to it!!! There should be no need to randomly order pizza because Dave and I are both tired from work, or because someone got vaccinated (which happened three different times in June!).

Phew. It's going to be a full July! I'm excited to see what I'll have accomplished by the end of the month. Are you planning to get a lot done in July or are you going to take it easy? Do you want to join me on a Stamped readalong to motivate me? Do you think I'm planning on getting too much done? (Don't answer that one! Hahaha!!!)


  1. You're crushing the goals. Your garden looks lovely.

  2. Your focaccia bread art is beautiful! And those ice cream tacos look amazing! Beautiful garden, too!

    1. Thank you! The bread art was so much fun!!!

  3. So funny that you talk about the crunches...I just did an ab workout and the lady was like "This particular move is great for lower belly pooch." I told Ryan I needed to stay in that position for the next 13 years. LOL!! It was a good workout, but I may need assistance getting out of bed in the morning. And yay for working on your emergency binder!! (And also...have an extra food truck run for me. You have some yummy looking food there!)

  4. Great job Mama! Still swooning over that gorgeous bread here!

    1. The bread was so much fun to make! It's just a problem that Dave and I are the only ones who like to eat it! Hahaha!!!

  5. I also love a food truck. So nice you can leave the kids at home now!

    1. It makes such a HUGE difference to be able to leave them on their own for an hour or two! It's a nice stage!

  6. You did fabulous on your goals! Wishing you luck with July's. I really need to clean behind my stove too; I should put that on my list so I make sure to get it down as well. I'm curious about your nightly crunches too as I've often wondered that very same thing.

    1. Thank you! I will let you know about the crunches in August.

  7. Gosh, that bread is almost...almost too pretty to eat. Like a piece of art. And so is that ice cream taco. Wow!! Yes, please.
    Great goal to clean out the car and show it some love. I need to do that. My car is old but has been very faithful. I need to give it a bath and a good cleaning.
    We have been doing situps during the 7th inning of the Cincinnati Reds baseball games every night. I think I see a difference. We have about 6-8 different types of crunches we do. I bet you will be happy with the difference you see in about 2 weeks!!

  8. I really need to put together that information binder! I was always thinking in terms on unexpected death and if so, whoever could probably figure everything out from our filing cabinet, but if we need to evacuate in 5 minutes...? DEF NOT prepared for that!
    Also, I love that you still refer to the reading method as "Emily's Method." I use that pretty much every month on our bookclub because I end up saving it until the last minute, even if it's a good book!


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