Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Grocery Top Three

A few months ago, I gave you a peek into our fridge. You can read that post here. A few weeks ago there was a blog linkup about "what's in our fridge and pantries" which I didn't participate in. However, my blog friend Sarah, shared a Top Three Grocery survey which I thought was really interesting. You can see her post here.

Since my allergies are getting slightly better (yay!) I have a bit more energy to blog but since they're not completely gone (boo), you get posts like this because this is what I find interesting! Hahaha!

Favourite Food Stores (I'm interpreting this as "where I'd love to shop all the time" and not as "where we actually shop all the time.")


Vincenzo's (a local Italian store which has an amazing selection of cheese, among other things)


Least Favourite



Anywhere else...

Always on my list




Rare purchases

Meat (except in summer during BBQ season)

Chips (except during readathons)

Cookies (except during readathons)

Readathon snacks with all the food we rarely buy!

Never on my grocery store list

Eggs (we've been able to buy locally for a year now and I LOVE it! Update: I just got an email this morning that our local egg person had to get rid of their chickens so those will go back on the list until we can get them through our CSA. BUMMER.)

Challah and buns (I bake them! Except for hamburger and hot dog buns -- we do buy those)

Frozen suppers


I don't eat cereal but Dave and the kids do.

Raisin Bran



Right now we have so much cereal, it doesn't all fit in our cupboard which drives me nuts. The extra box sits on our island.



Cheese Ritz

Rice crackers (plain, cheese, and sesame flavoured)





Fruit my kids like in their lunches

Green apples (This is basically all Rachel eats for fruit. Ugh.)






Sour Cream

Frozen Vegetables (except for frozen peas, we don't use a lot of frozen veggies)


Mixed veggies 

Frozen corn

Frozen Fruit

For awhile I used to make smoothies for breakfast every morning but now we rarely use frozen fruit. Sam used to take frozen blueberries for lunch but he doesn't even do that anymore.

If you have done something similar to this, let me know. I'd love to see your answers. I think it's so interesting how different people feed their families.


  1. So cool to see the Canadian packaging on some of these! I am really only a Trader Joe's and Whole Foods shopper, with Wegmans thrown in now and then. We have a great produce market I need to get to more. And Costco, of course!

  2. This is a fun post idea! We rarely buy chips or cookies either but we do buy lots and lots of fresh fruit and veggies.

  3. Love it. We don't tend to buy a lot of the premade foods like you'd see on all those Trader Joes posts, we like to cook and bake from scratch too.

  4. This is fun and mindless and I'm absolutely stealing it. So sorry about the loss of your CSA eggs. Even as an egg-hater, I do understand that fresh eggs taste so much better than bulk refrigerated eggs.

  5. This is fun, I might have to borrow it!

  6. Such an interesting post. Glad to hear your allergies are little better.


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