Tuesday, April 06, 2021

One Sentence A Day: March 2021

Welcome to one sentence a day for March. March felt like like a really long month.

1 - Monday -- Dave and I had a midday walk to the library and decided we needed to be more intentional about getting out just the two of us.

2 - Tuesday -- I walked the kids to school for the first time in...forever... and got some orientation for the next position I'm taking on for work.

3 - Wednesday -- Dave and I went for a midday walk and that was absolutely the highlight of an otherwise "blah" day.

4 - Thursday -- I finished my virtual Camino walk this day and we celebrated with Starbucks!

5 - Friday -- I have started a new job at a library for the next six weeks and I am learning a lot of new things.

6 - Saturday -- We met up with friends for a walk but it was fairly icy so not the most pleasant of hikes.

7 - Sunday -- Today was a "blah" day and I was grumpy a lot of this day.

8 - Monday -- I got a massage today for the first time since July and it was glorious!!!

9 - Tuesday -- I tackled the laundry mountain (aka four loads of laundry) today.

10 - Wednesday -- It was a gorgeous spring day out and I loved it!!!

11 - Thursday -- I dropped by Janice's house with fifty tulips for her 50th birthday and enjoyed a fun visit with her and Tessa.

12 - Friday -- I stayed up way too late reading this night :)

13 - Saturday -- After a walk to the library in the morning, I got highlights and a haircut in the afternoon!!!

14 - Sunday -- It's a bit of a tradition that we get ice cream the day after the spring time change, even if it's cold out!

15 - Monday -- It felt like a somewhat normal day as I baked banana muffins, worked, made supper, and folded laundry.

16 - Tuesday -- I worked, Dave and the kids got much needed haircuts, and I read an entire book based in Spain during Franco's dictatorship.

17 - Wednesday -- It was an insane morning what with waking up late and getting called into work earlier than I had expected but we had a delicious dinner, which sadly, only Dave and I liked.

Beef & Guinness Stew, recipe from the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin,
and our traditional St Patrick's Day dinner for a few years now.   

18 - Thursday -- This was a grumpy day for our whole family :(

19 - Friday -- Rachel and I binged four episodes of "Be Our Chef" on Disney+ while Dave and Sam watched Jurassic Park.

Rachel and I also walked to a greenhouse and bought way more spring flowers than we had originally intended. Oooops!

20 - Saturday -- We had the best day with great weather, hanging out with friends for the first time in a year, and an impromptu pizza party.

21 - Sunday -- We switched the yard over for spring -- the trampoline is up, the rain barrel is out, and the table and chairs are out!

22 - Monday -- Someone had to get a Covid test today (which meant I couldn't go to work and the kids couldn't go to school) so Rachel and I made pretzels and I read outside for a few hours.

Rachel and I also made a rainbow from different coloured water.

23 - Tuesday -- The Covid test came back negative (phew!) but not before I'd baked banana muffins and read outside some more.

24 - Wednesday -- It was back to work and back to school for all of us!!!

25 - Thursday -- Because I was off work for two days, I visited six classes this day which made for a very full day.

26 - Friday -- Fridays often find me crawling into bed early because I find the week tiring.

27 - Saturday -- We had a short, outdoor seder with Dave's parents to celebrate Passover.

The Hillel sandwich of matzah, charoset, and horseradish is my favourite!

28 - Sunday -- I baked buns, Rachel and Dave made crepes, and it was a full day of being in the kitchen.

29 - Monday -- Work, getting Rachel to dance, making supper -- some days are just not that exciting :)

30 - Tuesday -- HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY SAM!!!

31 - Wednesday -- I had a migraine, came home from work early, and slept for most of the afternoon. (Second sentence: Thankfully I recuperated in time to help make Sam's (belated) birthday supper, which was delicious!)

Sam requested fried shrimp, Earl Grey Maple Glazed salmon,
asparagus and Caesar salad. YUM!!!


  1. March did feel really long! So much to celebrate here though! How's the new job? I am a big fan of the Hillel sandwich too!

  2. Such an interesting post. Lucky Janice and sweet you for giving her 50 tulips. And Sam has quite the gourmet palate for a 12 year old. That will serve him well in years to come.

  3. Sam has great taste! What a lovely meal.
    I'm so jealous of seeing people having had a hairdressing appointment - ours don't open again until next week and have been shut since mid December - I am counting down the days/hours/minutes ...

  4. I enjoyed reading about your March and seeing the pictures.

  5. Sam's birthday dinner sounds delicious! I love the 50 tulips for 50 years; what a beautiful gift. Sounds like you had a really fun month.

  6. I get SO angry when I make dinner and no one eats it! the 50 tulips are so pretty, what a good friend you are!

  7. Yay for working at the Library! That sounds like a dream job!

  8. Spring seems to feel so good outdoors the year, doesn't it? Kevin put out our rain tubs & the wind blew them out in the yard so he stacked them back up for the next time we're expected to get rain. It's been a dry winter here. March went out like a lion with high winds & land fires. 50 spring blooming tulips for a 50th birthday, such a loving gesture. A coworker is doing a walking challenge similar to the one you're doing or maybe the same one. Happy Spring! Karen

  9. So many ups and downs in one month, which I totally feel! Is it a total pain to get a COVID test there? So glad it came back negative. Yay for massages and new hair dos!

  10. Happy birthday, Sam!! Is his blanket made to look like a tortilla? So cute!!
    How did you get all the flowers home that you bought when you walked up to the greenhouse? They are beautiful. I wish I could grow flowers here. I have my best luck with blooming cactus.
    Love the photo of you reading with the colorful laundry hanging on the line behind you. I wish I had a clothes line. I use a drying rack but can only dry a few things at a time.


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