Wednesday, April 14, 2021

10 On The 10th: April 2021

Today is the third day of our province's March April Break. Since we're under a third lock down here in Ontario, we're just staying home all week, except for trying to go for a walk every day. Other than that, I've been doing a lot of reading. Since Saturday was April 10th, here are my pictures for my more "regular" 10 on the 10th.

Lately Rachel has been starting every morning with a cup of tea. I love that on Saturday she was drinking tea and reading a book. She takes after her mother and I am so here for it!

Yes, we are in a lock down but they have also allowed home construction to continue, and right after I'd hung my first load of laundry, the workers next door showed up to do the roof. On a Saturday. I lost my mind and then decided we were going for a walk. We had some errands to run but picking up freshly baked pretzels from the corner bakery was not on our original list. But someone passed us on the path eating a pretzel and they looked so good, we had to find out where they got them! The pretzels were so yummy. And they reminded us of eating pretzels after we'd walked over the Brooklyn Bridge so it was fun to remember that.

I had to capture a picture of my favourite people on my favourite path. We had to pick up pansies from our neighbourhood fundraiser, get more coffee, and go to the library.

Since it was a beautiful day, and the construction noise was relentless, we went for a walk at a local conservation area in the afternoon. It was lovely!

Most of the paths were not like this beautiful boardwalk, and in fact, we went out of our way to walk along it, but Rachel and I both felt it was well worth it.

Inspired by an Instagram friend. we have a string of photos in our dining room. Each photo represents a month. We've decided our theme for 2021 is "forests and woods" so this is going to be our April photo.

At one point we could walk to a lookout and this was our view. It was so peaceful, I could have stayed here for a few hours.

The variety of paths and landscapes in this particular conservation area was incredible. Sometimes we were walking on grass, sometimes we were walking beside a lake, sometimes we were on the boardwalk, and sometimes we were walking through an evergreen forest.

I didn't realize until afterwards that I had captured a wasp on this blossom. I was just trying to capture a closeup of the yellow!

I was so excited to get two loads of laundry drying on the line. Laundry hanging makes me happy. And when we'd gotten home from the conservation area, the construction workers were gone so I could sit outside and read and have a drink in peace. Yay!


  1. The construction sounds rather annoying! Glad you could get out for most of it!

  2. Construction is so frustrating, especially since you are getting something from it!

  3. Those pretzels look so good!! Love the scenery photos.

  4. Arent you glad its nice again & winter is behind so you all can get out & get some good fresh air

  5. Love that family pic and oh my that pretzel looks good!

  6. Oh I love when I get photo bombed by bugs and don't realize it till later.

  7. Your family is the cutest, the flower/bee picture is AWESOME, and I'm so happy you had a peaceful day (after leaving your house ha) AND were still able to enjoy your backyard. :)

  8. I will admit, I thought you were being a little overly dramatic about construction noise. Then the house kitty-corner to ours is being gutted and... I get it. I'm sorry. Big hugs for survival.


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