Saturday, April 17, 2021

I Spy: Week 15

Since it's Saturday, I'm linking up with Lysha at at A Camera and A Cookbook for her I Spy Photo Challenge. I've really been enjoying this challenge and am glad that it forces me to look for photos in the every day.

Let's Play iSpy 2021

{turquoise (my {Lysha's} favorite color)}

I really wasn't sure what to do with this prompt and then I remembered my watering can which I think is turquoise. I also feel like the colour really pops against the grey of the fence and rocks.


 Sadly, I have spring allergies and they're hitting me really hard this year which sucks. I am taking allergy pills but also trying some naturopathic remedies -- local honey and nettle tea. We'll see if anything can get rid of my itchy eyes, which is honestly, my most frustrating symptom.

{dots or stripes}

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this prompt and then yesterday I was walking home along the railway tracks and it hit me that this was my "stripes" picture. Okay, maybe it's more a "lines' photo but it's what I've got :)

{starts with A}

We finally finished our self-guided cemetery tour which we started last spring. This is the cemetery very close to our house where we spend a lot of time walking or riding bikes. This angel was on one of the monuments in the cemetery.

{your choice}

I love the colour of the blackberries against my FiestaWare bowl. Having bright dishes, and picking one to contrast with my snacks, is a small joy in my life :)


  1. Great photos! My itchy eyes are what tips me off each year too; they just start watering uncontrollably when I go outside and I know that if I ignore that I'll soon add in sneezing and all sorts of other "symptoms." I love your stripe photo.

  2. The railroad tracks are perfect for the strips prompt... great take on it!!

  3. Yes the watering can turquoise really pops against the grey. I am oh so glad that someone else likes wandering round old cemeteries looking at the statues (my fave). CarolG

  4. The only thing that works for my allergies is the nasal sprays. They used to be prescription only but now you can get it over the counter (it's just expensive, but if you have benefits to cover prescriptions it). I use the flonase allergy spray.

    Also my family friend is an optometrist. He recommends "opticrom" eye drops for allergy related itchy eyes.

    Good luck!!

  5. Really great photos. I like the perspective of the angel and the railroad ties. The angel is more interesting at the angle you captured her that straight up and down. And your stripes look like stripes to me!! That aqua is so vibrant surrounded by the other grays and neutrals in your garden.

  6. Those berries look so good!! My allergies are all over the places too, hang in there!

  7. Love your take on the stripes photo!! And gorgeous angel statue!
    Sorry to hear about the spring allergies, hope you can get some relief!

  8. The blackberries look delish! I had the idea of railroad tracks too, but didn't want to drive to the town over to get a safe shot of them. I do love how the turquoise pops against the rocks. Love!

  9. I love your creativity with these prompts! Where do you get the prompts?

  10. I'm an idiot, the prompts are at the top haha.


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