Saturday, April 10, 2021

I Spy: Week 14

It's once again time for I Spy with Lysha at at A Camera and A Cookbook. As you can see from the title of this post, this is the fourteenth week I've done this challenge. I am loving it so much, even if I'm not always feeling the most inspired :) This week I took all of the pictures this morning, except for the Easter one. I thought about the challenge all week though so I feel like I was inspired by the prompts, if that makes any sense.

Let's Play iSpy 2021


I loved this view of seeing daffodils peeking through all the raspberry bushes. I feel like the yellow of the daffodils really pops against the brown/grey wood.


I didn't know how to picture "music" so I captured this peek at my grandma's Old German hymnbook. 

{Easter (or Sunday if you don’t do Easter)}

These pictures of the sunrise, taken from our church parking lot, are the only pictures I took of Easter. Attending an in person sunrise service was the only way to celebrate Easter with our church community this year. 


These are our craft buttons. Rachel was choosing one to be an eye for a unicorn pillow she is making.

{your choice}

I love taking pictures of these pulmonaria (lungwort) every spring. They are only a couple of inches high so I was lying on my front to get this picture. 


  1. Beautiful photos! Music was the only one that really stumped me since we don't have any sort of sheet music/ hymn books or instruments in our house so I was on high alert for anything having to do with music all week.

    1. Thank you! I'm behind on my blog reading so I'm looking forward to how you captured "music." You always have such great photos.

  2. Lots of inspiration here. My faves are your Easter morning sunrise and both flowers. Your daffs are certainly bright against the background, but I do love blue flowers. CarolG

  3. Loving each one of these! The pastel buttons are so pretty! I just planted several raspberry roots, love how you have daffodils planted in between, I will be doing the same this fall! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. The daffodils and raspberries weren't intentional! I think the daffodils might have been there first. But I do love how they look this spring.

  4. Great photos from the week!! Love the picture from Easter.

  5. I love all your pics! The pulmonaria are gorgeous! Thanks for linking up.


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