Thursday, October 15, 2020

Falling For Fall

This past Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving. We had our Thanksgiving meal on Sunday night so on Monday we spent some time outside. Fall has arrived with all its beauty and we enjoyed it.
We had to rake the leaves in our front yard so that Dave could mow the lawn. Rachel wanted to play in the leaf pile and I wanted to get some family pictures, so we compromised.
The following is what happened as I tried to set the camera in just the right spot so we could use the self-timer.
Am I ever going to get the camera in the right spot?!?! Thankfully, my family was (mostly) very patient with me in my quest for "the perfect shot."
Success!!! And I think it was totally worth it.
Then I put my camera on "sports mode" and told Rachel to go nuts with the leaves. And she did.
Is it any wonder we love Fall around here?!?!


  1. Such fall fun!! I used to love playing in the leaves.

  2. Lovely colors! Great job with the family shot too.

  3. I love fall too. We have a maple tree in the front yard that is finally starting to turn orange a little. :)

  4. Thanksgiving already... how did it happen so fast!!!

  5. This is adorable. Adam just mows our leaves into mulch and I feel like that's cheating yet I still refuse to rake.

  6. What is the significance of Canada's Thanksgiving? I LOVE all the fall leaves pictures, you did great!


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