Friday, October 09, 2020

Fall Photo A Day: Part 1

I'm quickly realizing how fast I run out of blogging ides when we're pretty much just going to school and work and staying at home. There's only so many times I can write about our day to day activities when nothing has really changed in the past few weeks. I don't know how many of you are running into this same issue but I can assure you, I'm not finding your blogs boring so you're clearly doing something right!

All this is to say that I've decided to (sort of) participate in an Instagram Fall photo challenge hosted by a blogger I read. I say "sort of" in that I'll be taking pictures every day but not posting them on Instagram. Instead I'm going to be posting a weekly round up of the photos on the blog every Friday.

I'm cheating to start because I took this first week of photos yesterday (or some of them last year -- gasp!) instead of over the previous week, but I think you'll forgive me because you're all nice like that :) So without further ado, here's the first week(ish) of my Fall photos.

image from here


Welcome to our house!

Fav Fall Drink
This photo is a cheat because it's from last year at Christmas, but my favourite fall drink is my friend's Bourbon Apple Cider which I haven't made yet this year.

Guilty Pleasure
This photo is also from last year. Dave needs to go grocery shopping and buy some red apples so I can make some apple nachos this weekend. I skip the marshmallows and add cinnamon. Yuuummmm!!!

Front Door
I made our Fall wreath ages ago, inspired by a friend who no longer blogs. I still really love it!

I wore my flannel shirt last night to be on a Zoom call for a Youth evening at church. However, I was still in my comfy yoga pants on the bottom! Yay Zoom! :) I bought this shirt and another one about five years ago at Target, on a trip to the States, and I still love them.

We're not a big football family around here. We much prefer our baseball. But the kids kindly tossed around the little Saskatchewan Roughriders football we bought when Sam was two so I could take this picture. Thanks kids!!! Plus, our Canadian Foortball League is just outright cancelled for this year so there is that...

In the fall and winter, our outside light goes on. We rarely use it in the spring and summer but this picture was taken at 8:05 and it's so dark already. I much prefer the lengthening days to the shorter days.

As the weather gets colder, I start wearing socks and these fake Converse shoes. I also have a grey pair to pull out at some point. I'm glad I work somewhere that I can get away with wearing these kinds of shoes all fall/winter/spring as I don't really love winter shoes.

Warm Cup Of...
Tea. In this case, decaffeinated black tea with milk and sugar. I drink a pot of that almost every afternoon/evening in the fall and winter.

I feel like the fall colours show off so well against the bright blue sky. I also tried to get some pictures of the colours against the grey skies but I couldn't do them justice.

Fav Place

This area of our yard (driveway) used to be the bane of my existence. (See here for a picture of it all weedy.) Then a few years ago, my parents helped me turn it into a rock garden (See here for that transformation). And now that I've replaced my summer annuals with fall mums, it is seriously one of my favourite places in our yard. I see it as soon as I step out the door and it makes me smile every time.

Also, now I'm thinking I need to make some apple nachos, some bourbon apple cider, and stream an old football game this weekend...


  1. Your house is adorable and! Love all of the pics :)

  2. I love the red tree and blue sky, it's my favorite to spot trees like that!

  3. Yes! I am having that same problem! I try to keep my blog posts scheduled at least one week in advance (other than my Friday weekly wrap-ups) and I still have two full posts that are blank for next week! I am just running out of content and being mostly off my feet isn't helping. This is a fun idea and you're right-- I don't care if all these photos were from this year or not. That snack looks delicious!

    1. I highly recommend trying the apple nachos. They're soooo good! And yes, I've definitely been running out of blogging content this fall.

  4. Great shots. You have me wanting some mums. But I kill them!!
    Love the photo of your tennies and the flowers in the background.

    1. Thankfully these mums have been pretty maintenance free because I've had a busy fall and haven't been able to do a lot for them. We must be having good mum weather.


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